Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review–Blood of a Werewolf by T. Lynne Tolles


Published May 30th 2010 by Createspace

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Darby O’Rielly may look like a shy, quiet bookstore owner who waits up at night to make sure her fun loving little sister Rowan makes it home. But that would be a bad assumption if you intend to threaten her family and loved ones. If the deadly magic this witch possesses is unleashed, the whole neighborhood better watch out.

When two handsome brothers move next door, love blooms. Devon and Blake aren’t just hot, they’re vampires hunted by a man with unlimited wealth and vengeance.

With these two atypical couples together, mayhem ensues. Darby is forced to use her new-found magic when hunters snatch Rowan to lure the brothers to their demise. A wreckless decision by the enemy transforms Rowan into a werewolf, throwing her new love Blake into a downward spiral. Werewolf terrors from childhood paralyze his judgment and send him packing, leading Rowan into the arms of a wolf named Dean who helps ease her into the new life she’s forced to embrace.

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This book was one that on the surface should have sent me into happiness spasms. I just did not connect with these characters and I think it was a generational thing. I may have had an easier time if I had more insight into Devon and Blake. The story of the two witch sisters and the two vampire brothers was fast paced, had snippets of humor and some memorable secondary characters. I did wonder a time or two if Devon knew Edward or maybe the Salvatore brothers. This is definitely geared towards a mature YA crowd. If I was a fan of that genre, I would have loved this book. I did enjoy Blood of a Werewolf, I just had to adjust my mindset, a LOT. The romantic content was sweet and not something I would hide from most tween girls (unlike most of my reading material). The story itself was unique and full of magic, mythical beings and would probably make an excellent TV series. Not Grimm or Walking Dead good, but definitely Vampire Diaries competition.

3 stars

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Sharonda Isadora said...

ah man...what a disappointment. I have this one on my review pile..Im not a fan of the YA/NA genre either. damn..did it say it anywhere?

Unknown said...

No, that's why I snapped it up. I should have checked Goodreads first. Although I knew after the first page.