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Review–Lovely, Dark and Deep (The Collectors) by Susannah Sandlin


Published December 30th 2013 by Montlake Romance

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From award-winning author Susannah Sandlin comes a heart-pounding romantic thriller that pits a quick-witted scientist and a scarred ex–combat diver against a ruthless billionaire treasure hunter with ties to the White House.
When biologist Gillian Campbell makes an offhand comment about a family curse during a TV interview, she has no idea what her words will set in motion. Within days, Gillian finds herself at the mercy of a member of the C7, a secretive international group of power brokers with a dangerous game: competing to find the world’s most elusive treasures, no matter the cost, in money or in lives. To save her family, Gillian teams up with Shane Burke, a former elite diver who’s lost his way, navigating the brutal “death coast” of the North Atlantic to find what the collector seeks: the legendary Ruby Cross of the Knights Templar, stolen by Gillian’s ancestor and lost at sea four hundred years ago.


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If you liked Romancing the Stone, you will love this book. It is one conflagration of adventure, action, danger and romance. First off, The Collectors (C7) are the bad guys, which threw me off for a microsecond. I mean, how often do you see the bad guys in the title. Just a heads up, this book is NOT an easy read. It's a fast read, but there are a ton of plot twists, deceptions, betrayals and just surprises in general. Luckily it also has a light side so the reader doesn't get bogged down in the danger.

My favorite, favorite aspect of this book is Gillian!! She is a total kick ass babe. Her day job is a gator wrangler. How awesome is that? That just sets the tone. She is a take no prisoners, no BS, go for it kind of chick. She doesn't take being coerced kindly, but these C7 dudes are no joke and they are RUTHLESS, with very long reaching tentacles.

Shane took a little longer for me to get a handle on, but it was totally worth the time. I envisioned a young Kurt Russell. (I know, I'm old, but he was HOT!!) He doesn't make a great first impression, but trust me, it gets waaaaaay better. Without giving anything away, I must insist that all lovers of romantic adventure give this book a go! I can't wait to see what comes from this group the C7 and Susannah Sandlin has definitely gained a hard core fan. It would take me pages to touch on every aspect that I loved about Lovely, Dark and Deep. Suffice it to say that it is now a R, S & TB "must read". Job well done, Susannah! Bravissima!

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Suzanne writes urban fantasy (with a dose of paranormal romance). Her Sentinels of New Orleans series is filled with wizards, elves, hot shifters, and shifty pirates. As Susannah Sandlin, her paranormal romance is hot with a high dose of action.


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