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Review/Giveaway – Blue Horizon (Shades of Blue #4) by Hildie McQueen


                                                         Published March 2nd 2014 by Pink Door Publishing
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Josiah McClintock finds himself at a crossroads. A choice between remaining in Alder Gulch or returning to his previous life. A life that he's kept hidden from everyone, including Laura, the woman in his care after a terrible tragedy. 

Laura Foster isn't sure she has a reason to live after so many losses. Although she doesn't understand why Josiah insists on being her protector, his presence in her life becomes the only beacon of hope for a future. 

Will they be able to ever come together and when they do will their love overcome secrets, tragedies and the danger that looms? 


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Well for a tiny book, Hildie McQueen packed a BIG punch. This is a very emotional tale, not sexy, but incredibly powerful. It took quite a bit of soul searching to be able to identify with Laura. She was basically raised to be a servant and a doormat. I had a very, VERY hard time with this, but if that's all you know, then ..... I mean a puppy only knows how to grow up to be a dog, so Laura grew up a puppy.

Josiah grew up in a certain mold as well, but at the other end of the spectrum. However, he was just as unhappy. Maybe not on the physical aspect, but emotionally he wanted something very different. Maybe that was the pull between the two. They both recognized themselves in each other to an extent.

I will be honest (because you know that's what I do), there is not a lot of happy in this book, but it will draw a visceral response from the reader. Unless of course you are a soulless zombie, in which case there is nothing I can do for you. (Except recommend you read New Adult, no, no, strike that! Bad blogger, bad!) Kidding aside, and I did need to insert some humor into a very somber book. This is for one of those times when you need a good, cathartic cry. It is painful but cleansing and promotes growth. There is light at the end of the tunnel, there is joy that can be found in tremendous heartbreak. Hildie McQueen sheds light on a very dark life and gives it purpose. Well done, Hildie, well done.

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Hildie McQueen loves storytelling and unusual settings, pair that with humor and you’ve got an idea of what her writing is like.

She makes sure action, intrigue, and sizzling romance add up to a story, her readers won’t soon forget. Her favorite past-times are traveling, shopping and reading. She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.


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