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Review–Warrior’s Curse (Imnada Brotherhood #3) by Alexa Egan


                                                           Published April 29th 2014 by Pocket Books
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Despite being cast out of his clan, Gray de Coursy has been summoned to his estranged grandfather’s deathbed. A perfect opportunity to stealJai Idrish, the Imnada’s most sacred relic and his last hope for breaking the fiendish spell imprisoning him.

Chosen as the Imnada clans’ next high shaman, Alys Swynford’s very soul has become inextricably bound to Jai Idrish—a crystal sphere that dates to the very origins of the Imnada. So when she catches Gray stealing it, he is left with only one choice—keep shaman and sphere together as the pair travel to The Gateway, the door between this world and the one the Imnada left behind aeons ago. For only there can the curse be lifted and Gray freed.

But conspirators among the Imnada have already opened the door to the shape-shifters’ ancient and deadly enemy. Now it will take the strength of the warrior and the power of the shaman to stop this otherworldly executioner—before it’s too late.
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This was by far the most comprehensive of all the Imnada books. Gray has been the de facto leader of the Rogues, who wants the Imnada to live out from behind the palings, or at least have a choice. With the imminent death of his grandfather, the Duke of Morieux, he is the rightful heir to the title and the leadership of the five clans of the Imnada, but because of his exile, well this just is NOT going to happen. Well, unless the new N'thuil and his childhood bestie, Alys gets involved and brings him home for the wonderfully cathartic deathbed reunion. *snort* Too easy. So, of course, there are burst bubbles, pipe dreams, shattered illusions, "I told you so's", and betrayals out the ying yang.

A complex book centered in a fascinating world of magical beings struggling for survival in an increasingly dangerous world, Warrior's Curse, while possibly a stand alone, is made all the more enjoyable by knowing the history of what has occurred in the previous four books. The curse and it's ramifications are all the more dire after reading about Gray, Mac and David's trials to deal with their slow and painful death. You also won't realize what a stoic, and seemingly cold man Gray comes off as in the previous books. I wondered how Alexa could turn Gray into a romantic figure, and she pulled out all the stops. By the end of the book, I was ready to go to war for Gray and his cause.

Alys was a bit naive for my taste, although I don't know if naive is correct. I think it was more a case of denial. If you ignore the existence of evil, it might go away, or something along those lines. Initially she seemed quite content to follow the party line, it made my eye twitch a bit. She does step up, and even saves the day to a large extent. She became a worthy warrior in her own right. A fitting leader for the Imnada and a fitting mate for Gray.

This series is not a series to b e taken lightly because it is dark and complex. Warrior's Curse is a weighty read and there is heartbreak to be sure. Losses are frequent and graphic as with any war, but it makes the more gentler of emotions all the more touching and relevant. This is a book for adults in both matter and language. I am extremely glad that I am mature enough to appreciate this world of the Imnada that Alexa Egan has so masterfully crafted. I eagerly await more from these shifters and their fae blood counterparts. The story is just too good to let go. Brava and well done.

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Alexa Egan lives in Maryland with a husband who's waiting impatiently for her fame and fortune to support them in a new and lavish lifestyle, three children for whom she serves as chauffer, cook, nurse, social secretary, banker, and maid (not necessarily in that order), one cat, one dog...and twenty-seven fish.


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