Monday, March 14, 2011

Review of Pride Mates *spoilers*

** spoiler alert ** How much do I have to dislike a book before I decide that after spending hours becoming invested, that
even with only 5 pages left, I can no longer continue. At this time I would like to add a disclaimer. These are my personal opinions. Jennifer Ashley has a large following and I'm sure they love her work dearly. I applaud her dedication to her craft and wish her well. This was my first foray into Ms. Ashley's work and it will be my last. My dislike of this book had nothing to do with her talent as a writer but more with what I find enjoyable in a book that I have purchased. Though there were elements of humor and lightness, and certainly some smoking hot love scenes, this book depressed me so badly that I was ready to lay across train tracks. The futility and general hopelessness of the shifters lives as they tolerated such inequality was perverse. I dislike generalizations, in life and in literature, and to say that humanity as awhole would have tolerated this is beyond the pale. This haowever was not what made me give up the book. The next paragraph will contain major spoilers, so just be aware.
After being formally mated in not one but two ceremonies, and the hero, Liam, pledging she would be his one and only for the rest of his life, changes his mind and says,"You know what, cancel that. Go back to your world. It's been fun". Now, this is after he's killed the bad guy and life has resettled and all is hunky dory. This is after he kidnapped her and pretty much forced the mating. So, she begs and pleads, but he says nope....have a nice life. I'm still hanging in there, even though it goes against everything I hold dear. Two months go by, not a peep. Next thing I know she's loading up her car, pulling up to his house....guess what "she's knocked up!!!!!". Well whoopeddefuckingdoo!!!! I will never know what was said after that because it just didn't matter.
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