Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review of What a Demon Wants

Ellina looks like an angel, but when she gets turned on, she's a horny demon.....literally. That's right, in certain situations, Ellina transforms and she has no control over the process. Because of this Ellina has become somewhat of a recluse. When she fails to acknowledge that she's in real danger after several break-ins, her brother hires a half vampire/ half werewolf bodyguard. Jude feels the electricity between himself and Ellina from the start,but feels he must stay on the job despite his very strong misgivings. Someone wants Ellina dead, and with suspects ranging from her twin demon brothers to the many fans of her Jenny Bell novels, Jude is running out of time to save the woman he is falling hard for.
I forget how much I love this series until I pick up the next book. The characters are always intriguing, the plots complex, and the humor abundant. The love scenes sizzle off the page, although they could be just a tad more graphic. (yeah, I know, I'm a perv) The only reason this book did not get a 5th star is because I felt the ending lacked detail, in the whole disposing of the bad guy thing. Other than that it was perfect.

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