Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review of Shiver of Fear: Guardian Angelinos, book 2

This is the second book in Roxanne St. Claire's Guardian Angelinos series. The two main characters for this story are carry overs from the first novel. It wasn't necessary to have read the first book, but I will most definitely do so after reading this one. Marc Rossi is ex FBI, who put his first wife behind bars after she tried to kill him. Devyn Sterling is a Boston brahmin, who's husband was murdered by his mistress, and who is also the biological daughter of one of the FBI's most wanted. Both are recovering from disastrous marriages, but when Marc is sent to Belfast to remove Devyn from a potentially deadly situation, it seems a natural progression to turn to each other for comfort.
For personal reasons this book has elevated Ms. St. Claire to goddess status in my realm. She has earned herself a lifelong fan and supplicant. For spoiler reasons I will not elaborate on those reasons. Suffice it to say that this book has THE BEST ENDING of any book I have ever read. This is applicable only to myself and my fellow citizens of the Duke nation, however.
The book from a neutral point of view is still a winning entry. The heroine was a little irritating ( make that a lot) in the beginning, but she did toughen up a smidge in the end. The part that won me over was the family interaction between the Angelinos and the Rossi's. They are all such great characters, and that really is the strong point of this book. Of course, there was a massive international terrorism plot to be foiled, gunfire, finding a biological mother and other assorted life altering occurrences. They all fit together in a seamless very entertaining book.I really, realllly can't wait for Vivi's book, now that is my type of heroine.
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