Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review of Raziel: The Fallen, book 1

This is another book written in first person, ah, but with a twist. The hero and the heroine are covered in this format. Can you say PERFECT?? I loved this book. The hero Raziel is a fallen angel, who is cursed to immortality on earth, along with his fallen brethren. The heroine, Allegra/Allie, is an author of Old Testament mysteries with a very secular sarcastic bent. They meet when Allie gets hit (and I mean splatted) by a NYC bus. If you have a dark sense of humor, this is your book. These people cuss like sailors. I was laughing so hard, I snorted. The others of Raziel's kind and their bonded mates are much more reserved and pious. These two sound like something out of Pulp Fiction and the contrast is hilarious.
This book also offers up some really interesting spins on known theology beliefs. After reading a few chapters I was scratching my head going "Maybe she's got something there." Plus she references Kevin Smith's movie Dogma, which is one of my all time faves. It's almost like "Sex in the City" meets the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The sex scenes, well let's just say these guys save their warm and sweet for smores cause wall bangers are more their style. I pre-ordered the second book due out in 6/2011 before I wrote this review. It was just that damn good.

 Good Vs Evil

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