Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RANT; In Defense of Romantic Fiction

Look, I know a lot of people who profess to review books get a little orgasm when you denigrate someone who has talent, whereas you obviously don’t.  As someone who reviews books, I know I will not like everything I read, but I also know that is due to personal taste and not lack of talent or effort on the writer’s part.  Before you mentally masturbate yourself by chopping up someone’s livelihood, ask yourself, couldn’t you have expressed yourself in a more courteous tone? What were the things you liked about the work? I do this several times a day. I have the utmost respect for this genre and it’s fans. I would rather read the worst of this genre than most of the critically lauded pap that graces the shelves of  the literary elite. These authors amaze me with the skill that goes into creating alternate worlds and their characters. They are for the most part wonderful people who welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or fan input, and there is no other branch of  the entertainment industry that is so fan accessible. So please, think before you write, because the next time it might be you under the microscope, and really, could you handle that?  

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