Friday, March 25, 2011

Reviewfor Forbidden Highlander

Fallon was the oldest of the MacLeod brothers, the one destined to become Laird over the decimated clan. Now that the youngest brother Quinn has been captured by the evil druid, Deirdre, Fallon is fighting a fierce battle with wine and his guilt over his failure to protect his clan. While in Edinburgh to petition the king for the return of the MacLeod castle, Fallon encounters Larena Monroe. Fallon and Larena have more in common than they know. They are both possessed by ancient gods bent on destruction.
Fallon was my favorite brother and I really wanted somebody extraordinary for him. Pairing him with another Warrior seemed like a stroke of brilliance, and it was a good choice. I just wanted more. It was still a very good read, and built the storyline beautifully. I was much more enamored of the secondary characters in this book as they become more fleshed out and familiar. Once again it was the heroine's indecision that made this a not quite perfect book. Still, I will continue with this series most gleefully, cuz I still like my men in kilts!



Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I just got this the other day!

Kelly said...

Love me some Highlander!!!