Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review of Siren's Surrender

This is the second book in this series, but I had no difficulty catching up on the story, characters and previous story. The Lonicke sisters, Tessa, Gwen and Addison have were born and raised in Rock Point, Maine. They are also Mer, an entirely female race of, well obviously, mermaids. Gwen is the middle sister, and has submerged her Mer tendencies beneath years of denial, as she tries to convince herself she is completely human. Blake is an FBI agent within in the science division, who has been assigned to investigate a surge of magnetic energy coming from deep in the ocean. His investigation has led him to Little Mer Island and the Lonicke sisters.
Although there is a strong romantic thread in the story between Blake and Gwen, I found this to be more of a suspense/thriller work. There were secret agencies, conspiracies, Mer invasions, self discoveries, and just all kinds of action going on. It was a very enjoyable and sometimes nail biting ride. I particularly liked Blake's evolution in this book, from a cold, repressed agent to a burgeoning compassionate person with the strength to fight for what he knows is right. There was also a theme of sacrifice for the greater good which added a sobering touch of realism. There is an HEA in this book, but there are also some hard knocks taken. I REALLY liked this author's style. Sometimes happy, happy, joy, joy, just makes me sick, sick.           4 stars

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Kelly said...

Love Devyn Quinn!!! Can't wait for book 3