Friday, April 1, 2011

Review of Seduce Me in Dreams

 This is first book in Ms. Frank's " Three World " series and is a significant departure from her original works. Being a HUGE fan of Jacqueline's, but not really onto sci-fi, I entered this with some trepidation. This series takes place in a completely alien setting, there is no connection to Earth whatsoever. Which I will admit, is normally not my cup of tea, but whoooo-hooo. She could write medical journals and I'd read em.
  Bronse Chapel is commander of an elite team of the Three World military peacekeepers. They are the cream of the crop. Bronse starts having disturbing dreams of impending death and this is where he encounters Raveena. Raveena is the high priestess of the Chosen Ones. A group of psychically powerful individuals living in a temple on a primitive planet in the three world system. Raveena and her younger brother, Kith, have been betrayed by her people. They were given to a nomadic tribe of barbarians to give to a vicious warlord as a gift. Raveena knows Bronson is her savior, but will he arrive in time.
  Loved the two main characters, her heroines are always strong, and the heroes, waaaaay hot. Bronse has coal black hair, and lavender eyes. Yummmo. The chemistry is smoking hot, and her love scenes could deep fry chicken. The other characters, both crew and the Chosen ones are intriguing and captivating, especially Domino, he's a sexual empath with black and white hair. Love me some Oreo's. I wouldn't miss the rest of this series for a stack of lottery tickets. Well done, well done.  


Sarah said...

Great review! I actually one this in a Goodreads giveaway but have yet to read it. I haven't read anything by Jaquelyn Frank before.

Sarah said...

lol I meant won...not one *shakes head at myself*

Megan@Riverina Romantics said...

I have this one too and I've not read it yet either. I think you'll like Jaquelyn Frank Sarah.