Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singing the Praises of Hidden Talents by Emma Holly


If anyone had any doubts that Emma Holly is the queen, nay the empress of women’s erotica…….read this book.

   Ari had two things in this world she cared about, Max and Sarah. Two friends who make up her family since they found each other on the streets on NYC. Now Henry Blackwater, aka the Eunuch, is threatening them as a means to get to her. After her fanatically religious parents kicked her out as a teen, Ari had to grow up quick. As an adult, nobody messes with her or hers. Ari has tracked the Eunuch to the town of Resurrection to end this once and for all.

  Adam Santini took his job as alpha and police officer in Resurrection very seriously. When his team gets a call about unauthorized magic, he’s on it in a big way. Did I not mention that Resurrection is a hidden paranormal metropolis? Oooops. In a town of weres, gargoyles, elves, fairies and other assorted beings, unlicensed magic can cause a major disaster. When he comes upon Ari in an empty warehouse torturing one of the Eunuch’s known associates, it definitely is cause for alarm. Adam’s had a bead on Henry Blackwater for awhile, and Ari might just be the key to bringing him to justice.

   This is such a fun read. Ultra sexy, ( I know, that’s a given ) humorous, full of wonderfully unique and diverse characters, poignant emotion, and a spellbinding story. If you haven’t taken a dip in the Emma Holly pool, this is where you should get your feet wet. This is a milder, more mainstream version of Emma. Straight heterosexual couples erotica, although there is a gay cousin. Still a very hot read that loses nothing for the absence.  If you need something to warm up the engine, or are just looking for a great story, Hidden Talents will fit the bill very nicely.    


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Kelly said...

This is so next on my to read list!!!! Thanks for sharing... Love me Emma Holly

Sebella Blue said...
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Sebella Blue said...

You'll love it. Emma's books just kill me, totally