Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Line in the Ice by Jamie Craig


    There shouldn’t be anything roaming the frozen tundra of Antarctica, but the appearance of a rift in the ice has unleashed vicious monsters that only a handful of government agencies know exist.  Captain Charlie Weller and five other select team members have been sent to stem the tide of monsters and close the rift. When Charlie saves what appears to be a human male climbing out of the chasm, they don’t know if he’s friend or foe.  When Lysander Davies regains consciousness, he’s shocked to find himself treated as little more than a prisoner.  In actuality, he’s the descendant of Major Davies, a soldier from WWI, who fought the monsters in Europe, only to be lost inside the rift.  Lysander is the only one with the knowledge to stop what is happening from A Line in the Ice

   My first thoughts were, OK…this is different.  Not bad different,  just a whole different feel then what I am used to.  It was more like I was watching an action movie, like Jurassic Park or even Alien. There was so much drama and tension. Life and death decisions were being made continuously. I really started to get into this book. It is not a book you can put down for awhile. The tension ratchets up so quickly, that to lose that momentum would seriously detract from the book. The characters are so well developed you start to envision their actions ahead of time. Charlie was such a great alpha female. She was a superb heroine. Lysander had only anecdotal tales of Earth and it’s culture, that he really didn’t understand half of what was being said. The dynamic between Charlie and Lysander was a unique view and one I was glad to see explored. Charlie is coming from a place of superiority both in knowledge and training. Lysander, while leader of his people in Illyria, is definitely low man on the totem pole above the rift.  While I mainly viewed this as an action novel, there was a very strong, sexy, romantic thread between Charlie and Lysander.  The romance is graphic, not tacky, just graphic. (which of course made me very happy) This is not a book for someone looking for a light read, and there are very few chuckle opportunities. There are some very poignant moments, some terrifying moments, and some somberly happy moments.  If you are looking for a very good, intense, pulse pounding read, then this is your book.

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