Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Book of the Year to Date


  In the early days of man, angels were tasked to come to Earth and observe human development. These angels were called the Watchers, and they were to be unbiased and more importantly hands off. When the Watchers began to develop feelings for the daughters of man, some acted on those feelings and brought divine wrath upon the Watchers. That wrath came in the form of the Sentinels. Adrian Mitchell was the most high of  the Creator’s chosen Sentinels, and he delivered the punishment to his fallen brethren. The Fallen were stripped of their wings, thus losing their souls and any chance of redemption. They were cursed to feed on the blood of man in order to sustain their physical bodies, and they would forever be under the watchful eye of the Sentinels.

The story begins in modern day with Adrian being informed of the loss of his second-in-command and best friend in a Fallen ambush. There are whispers of Lycan involvement. Lycans were Watchers who pleaded for mercy after the punishment came down, and were granted leniency in return for mortality and eternal servitude to the Sentinels.  Adrian wants the killers found and sets out to do just that. He meets Lindsay Gibson in the airport, who turns out to be the vessel for his Nephalim lover’s soul. Shadoe is Adrian’s poorly hidden secret and his greatest regret. He goes about handing out  justice to others for a crime he himself is guilty of, and knowing his eventual punishment will be swift and final.

Absolutely perfect!! There are so many levels to this book, plots, sub plots, shades of gray, it was brilliantly constructed and written. There are no clear cut sides, the characters are driven by emotion, both good and bad.  The loses on all sides are heartbreaking and staggering. Lindsay is the only true innocent with pure motives. She is also a truly worthy heroine. She only wants to live her life, avenge her mother’s murder, and be a decent human. She gets pulled into this angelic battle with absolutely no knowledge of what the consequences could mean to her. Wait, I have to amend something. Elijah is an innocent pawn as well. A alpha Lycan in Adrian’s pack, whose very existence depends on his ability to walk the straight and narrow. One of my favorite characters in the book.

Not only is the story magnificent, but it is truly one of the hottest books I’ve read this year. That just put the cherry on top for me. A Touch of Crimson touched and conquered every single element that I think makes an outstanding book. I can see this series joining the ranks of The Dark Hunters, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood at the pinnacle of the paranormal genre.  Sylvia Day has assured herself a place on the best seller lists with A Touch of Crimson and a loyal fan in yours truly. Magnificent job! Can’t wait for the next book. 

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Cynthia D'Alba said...

LOVE this book. Sylvia is without doubt one of the best writers in today's market. I'm with you on A Touch of Crimson. I cannot recommend it high enough. What a read!

Sebella Blue said...

I had never read anything by Ms. Day before this and I can honestly say I was floored. It just blew me away and hot.... this lady can write her butt off!