Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coyote Night– from the Rose and Skriker stories



Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Published: 8/2011

Rating:  Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass



This novella is a continuation of Rose and Skriker’s story from Black Dog and Rebel Rose.


  With her one celestial blue eye and her other chocolate brown eye, Rose is a being truly combined from Heaven and Earth. She is a Nephil, the product of a divine being and a human. Her lover and partner in hunting, Skriker, is in theory her polar opposite. The offspring of a powerful Hell demon and a hooker, these two shouldn’t even breathe the same air. This hunt takes them to the forbidding, desolate landscape of the New Mexico desert, where children are disappearing from the Navajo reservation and surrounding area.

  Ok, first off, Skriker….mmm hmmm. He rides a Harley, check, tatted up real nice like, check, blonde, oh yeah, check, hard drinking, camel smoking bad ass with a Hellhound for a pet, oh Miss Rose needs to watch her back, because my boy Skriker is PERFECT!! Alas, he adores his Rose, and no other can entice him….damn.

   Rose is his perfect foil. Tough looking, leather wearing, Harley riding Nephil that she is, she has a somewhat Zen like quality. Except I kept getting the feeling she felt she needed to pay penance for being with Skriker. She would only allow herself to be just “x” amount of happy with him. That ticked me off a little because he needs permanence and family. 

  The descriptive writing style of Ms. Smith is a thing of beauty. I could almost feel the arid wind of the desert.  She evoked empathetic emotions from me left and right, and when it came to the erotic passages. Holy Mother of God!! She did not scrimp on the details, maybe that’s why Skriker became such a fixture in my thoughts. This is a moving, sexy, fast paced story that I know connoisseurs of  good literature will enjoy. I highly recommend this book, and the one that started it Black Dog and Rebel Rose.

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Danielle D. Smith said...


Great review, my love...and Skriker is blowing you many hot wet kisses. (I promise I won't tell Rose.) ;-)