Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hard and Fast (no’s a book)



  Book 2 in the Fast Track series

  Author:  Erin McCarthy

  Publisher:  Berkley Sensation

   Rating: Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass





  We first met Ty McCordle  and Imogen Wilson in Flat Out Sexy, the first book of the Fast Track series.  Ty is one of the top NASCAR driver’s on the cup circuit, and in contention for the points championship.  He also has a penchant for the track lizards that cozy up to him because of his fame. Imogen is a straight laced, intellectual yankee and the complete opposite of what usually catches Ty’s attention. Imogen feels the pull of the initial animal attraction, but Ty is with one of the bimbos that usually orbit around him and He can’t comprehend her name, so she writes it off.  Then one rainy night, the stars align and possibilities are beckoning.  Why not?

  Erin McCarthy continues her vastly entertaining and incredibly sexy series with another winning story. The down home humor  and Sothern charm of the characters guarantees the reader a quality read. While this is not my typical fare and I am not a follower of NASCAR, it still kept me interested and grinning from ear to ear.  The characters are just so damn likeable, even the airheads have some redeeming quality. These are easy reads, no jaw clenching tension, or tearjerking emotion. Just lighthearted, sexy romance from beginning to end.  It’s like an authentic french éclair or a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream. It’s not something you can eat everyday, but it has it’s place.  It also continues the thread of Ryder and Suzanne, two of my favorite characters. Suzanne just might be modeled after myself *wink*. I will continue with my journey and keeping you updated with these wonderful characters, but if you’re smart, you won’t wait for me.

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