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Mates: True and Eternal–Alex and Sara



Author: Laura Wright

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   This is a short, incredibly sexy snippet from the lives of Alex Roman and his true mate Sara. They are the hero and heroine from Laura’s first book in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Hunger . We first encounter Alex chained to a wall in his cellar as a result of an interrupted erotic tryst.  Sara has left poor Alex hanging……literally.  His refusal to discuss or even consider the subject of future children has broken Sara’s heart.

  This is such an emotional read for such a short story, especially if you are an avid follower of the Roman brother’s as myself. Alex had a horrific childhood and can not fathom that he has anything of value to offer to an innocent child. He already feels like a selfish bastard for tying Sara to him.

  I love little slices of life after the happily ever after. It makes the journey more real to me, because not everything is going to be a day at Disneyland. Every couple is going to have issues, it’s seeing them resolve those issues as a couple that warms my heart.

  If you are familiar with Laura’s (aka Writer Lady) work, you know that even her short stories are absolutely some of the hottest fiction around. She doesn’t scrimp on the details, but it is done in such a tasteful fashion that it’s never over the top. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Laura’s wonderful world of vampire hottness, YOU MUST READ THESE BOOKS!!!

51mIlWCYFoL   Book 1 : Alex and Sara

   Publisher: Signet







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  Book 2:  Nicholas and Kate

  Publisher: Signet








  Book 3:  Lucian’s story ( My hero)

  Released 2/2012 by Signet

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