Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where Demons Fear to Tread



  Publisher: Mira

   Publish date:  Aug. 23, 2011

   Rating: Martini glassMartini glassMartini glassMartini glass






   Julian Ascher is a demon on the rise, and with a multi-million dollar nightclub empire at his disposal, the Arch demon has a multitude of souls just begging to be damned.  When Julian turns his eye towards Hollywood’s newest bad boy, Nick Ramirez, that’s when fledgling Guardian, Serena St. Claire steps in.  Nick is Serena’s first assignment as a newbie angel, and she’s determined to do a good job. When Julian sees her in his club, well, demons aren’t know for resisting temptation.

  Stephanie Chong is an author to watch. I am always thrilled when I get a chance to view such a gifted talent in it’s early stages. Where Demons Fear to Tread was a fun, sexy read that was almost impossible to put down. It’s no secret that I’m all about the bad boy heroes, and Julian was the epitome of the breed. He was a powerful, gorgeous, sophisticated, hunk of a demon, just begging to be saved.  He’s no pushover though, he’s got mean and nasty down to a fine art, and I loooooved every decadent minute of it. Overly virtuous people can be something of a bore, laudable yes, but still boring.

  I had fears that our heroine, Serena St. Clair, might turn out to be one of those laudable people. *cringing* However, thankfully our sweetly naïve, hippie of an angel has a little bit of  kink in her soul. Praise be, and bless her heart, brave as she was, she wouldn’t listen worth a hang. She was determined to sacrifice herself for anybody and their cousin.

  There were also some fantastic ingeniously evil villains who were absolutely worthy of the title. Corbin is Julian’s business partner, and fellow Arch demon, who is second in power only to Lucifer himself.  Lucianna is Corbin’s lover, a rogue demon,  Julian’s former lover, and instrumental in his mortal death. Separately they are the epitome of evil, but together, they are vile, despicable hell on wheels.

  There are enough unanswered questions, that I am fervently hoping this means a second book. I am definitely a series slut, and would adore adding this to my “must read” list. I suggest you get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a smashing success of a career in the romance genre. Brava and job well done!

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