Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Assassins’ Lover–Another Scorcher From The Demon World


Author: Emma Holly
Published: 7/28/2011
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Rating: Dessert
  Princess Katsu Shinobi got more than she expected on her natal day.  Hidden away at the behest of her jealous stepmother, Kat is more than happy to share her isolation with the two handsome Rohn guards, Hattori and Ciran. For three blissful months the three explore their sexuality with fierce abandon. Years later, the duo are hired to kill their former lover. Knowing there is very little chance for them all to escape with their lives, Kat, Hattori and Ciran set forth a plan that could bring freedom for the trio or death.
  This series has a special place in my heart and is without a doubt my  favorite from Ms. Holly. It is by far her most adventurous undertaking and for myself, her most enjoyable. The Demon series is about a secret race that has inhabited the Earth alongside humans and has been recently discovered. Mostly humanoid in appearance, it is their differences that makes this series such  hot reads. The Yama/Demons are very class oriented. The royalty have distinct sexual characteristics that the Rohn or lower classes do not. They are much less sexually inhibited than their human counterparts. What I love so much about this book, is the depth in which ménage dynamics are explored. Not so much the sexual aspect (although that is explored in minute detail), but the emotional tangle that can erupt from insecurities and miscommunication. In most ménage stories, that aspect is glossed over and every one is just happy, happy, joy, joy for the rest of their jolly little lives. The Assassins’ Lover  delves into this sticky area with honesty and frankness. Even though this is a sexually graphic book, this was more an emotion read than an erotic one. By the end of the book, these characters were my friends and I was extremely sad to see them go.
  Along with the sexual and emotion threads of the book there is also a very compelling story of betrayal, loyalty, murder, intrigue…. oh, just a whole laundry list of hooks that keep your eyes glued to every word.  I am dying of curiosity about Haro, Hattori’s brother. It is my fondest wish that his book is in the works, he earned it. This was truly one of the most beautiful, touching love stories I have had the pleasure to read in a loooong time. Do yourself a favor and read The Assassins’ Lover.


Unknown said...

Now that my little girl went back to school, I'll be able to read a little more, this sounds real good.

Sebella Blue said...

It is wonderful. The entire series is just awesome.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the review!!

Unknown said...

Hello! I just saw in goodreads that you read and liked this book, I finished my review of the audiobook, and I always put a more detailed review of the plot ( a link) anyway I like to put yours, I need the link to it, I tried google search, but it didn't work, it could be my computer, I'll reboot and see what happens, but just in case, could I have the link?
It will say something like;
For a more detailed review visit: and then I put a picture of your blog with the link.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, I'm talking a bout the book;
DARKNESS DAWNS by Dianne Duval

Unknown said...

This sounds like a good read. thanks for the review