Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter 3 of The Trailer Park Vampires

                           Meeting the Neighbors

When last we saw our tired group, they had just been shown their new palatial trailer. Hankina was supervising Roleks and Grunt in covering the windows with aluminum foil, and Zeke was out looking for dinner. Sunrise is a few hours away.
Zeke walks in with two Hispanic women and a goat. “Dinner’s served. Get it while it’s hot!” Grunt starts forward, but is quickly stopped by Hankina.
“Have you lost your ever lovin’ mind” she screeches. “What the hell are you doing bringimg a damned goat in the house, and where the hell did you find these women at this time of night? You were supposed to go to the Red Cross in town and bring back some bags. I done told you, we’re not getting throwed out of this place”
“ Well shoot fire Hankina, they was just standing there out in the middle of nowhere, and the goat was in the back of a truck.” Zeke grumbled,
“Where exactly was no where?” Hankina asked.
“In the Wal Mart parking lot” Zeke murmured.
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The women who had up until then been quiet, finally spoke.  “ Thank you for the walk home, but we are tired and we go now.” All heads turned to the voice and stared.
“You didn’t even put em under?” Hankina yelled.
Zeke scratches his head. “ I thought I did. Must not a’ took.”
The younger of the two women grinned. “ You can not mesmerize us. We are lupine and much stronger than your simple mind tricks. We just wanted to see who the new pendejo was. We thought perhaps to eat him, but we do not eat our neighbors.”
“Lupine, what in the hell are lupine?” Roleks wondered.
In a starburst of sparkles, where the two women once stood, there were now two relatively small wolves.
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One pounced on the goat, grabbing it by the throat, and bounded out the still open front door, closely followed by the other wolf.  The Raleigh’s all followed, and stood standing on the front porch. The two wolves and the goat turned into the driveway three trailers up and disappeared.
“ What the tarnation just happened here?” Hankina wondered.
“I don’t know, but looks like our dinner just ran off and I’m bout to starve.” moaned Roleks. Grunt joins in with a displeased grunt.
“Looks like it’s fend for yourself tonight, boys” Hankina stared the boys in the face “ but remember, NO people!! Not until we know the lay of the land. And watch out for more of them Lupine. We don’t know anything about em, so stick to deer or cows.”
Come back next week, when the Raleigh’s meet more neighbors.

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