Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fallen: Demon (A book you’ll love to hate)

Author: Kristina Douglas
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 5/31/2011
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Rating:  Entrée 
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  Rachel Fitzpatrick has no long term memory, but she knows she’s not your everyday average woman. For one thing, babies have a tendency to die when she’s in the vicinity. Plus, she knows she’s being stalked for some reason. Since the death of his beloved Sarah, Azazel had one goal. Track the evil demon Lilith and kill her. For years he had been on her trail and now he has her. He wasn’t buying her “I don’t remember” story, and it was time to end this.
I had been waiting for this book, because I absolutely went bonkers over Raziel, the first book in  The Fallen series. Azazel was the leader of the Fallen, and after Sarah was killed, he stepped down. Even when Sarah was alive Azazel wasn’t a fun guy. Now he’s just lost, bitter and rigid. Rachel/Lilith’s character is written in first person, which really was the best way for the reader to empathize with her character. I totally did, and that made some of Azazel’s actions just unforgivable. Usually I am all about the hero, but I have to have balance. A character can do some really horrendous things, but if they suffer enough, it can be forgiven. This book didn’t have that balance. He needed to grovel, beg, heck even lose a limb to make up for his actions. Rachel forgives him WAAAAAAY to soon, but lest you think I didn’t like this book, let me just clarify that I looooved this book. The fact that I was so enraged over Azazel’s actions gave testament to the fact that I was 100 percent involved and committed to the story. I am a huge fan of this series.  I still think Azazel got off way too easy, but loved the book.
  Rachel/Lilith has been punished because of her desire not to be subjugated. Fight on, sister friend! Did Azazel, even knowing how deceitful and unfair Uriel could be, ever question Lilith’s true story??? Huh?? Umm, no. Her treatment was far more tortuous than the Fallen’s, but is she ever apologized to?? Umm, no. Not sufficiently in my humble opinion.  The fact that she is not a psychotic mass murderer is a huge clue as to what a sweetheart she is. In this story the women take the day, and I am happy for it. I consider this a MUST READ and highly recommend this book and the series.


Kelly said...

Thanks for this review.. I have book one on audio but was looking at picking them both up in paperback...

Thanks for sharing

Sebella Blue said...

This series is definitely a keeper. Glad to be a help.

Artemis said...

I don't know why I've been putting off reading this one, as I enjoyed this first one so much. Need to get my hands on it. Thanks for the review.

Sebella Blue said...

It is a tremendous read, but it will make you MAD!