Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gift of Shayla by N.J.Walters - An Early Erotic Christmas present


 Publisher: Carina Press
 Published: 9/12/2011
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Rating: Dessert


  Adam Lancaster thought he had kept his shameful attraction to his long time best friend Rob McKeith a well hidden secret. They had been best friends since childhood and Adam in no way wanted to damage that relationship, despite what happened in his dreams. Besides Rob was married and deeply in love with the beautiful Shayla. Yet another reason for Adam to feel guilty, because he fantasized about Shayla in his dreams as well. When Adam finds himself at Rob and Shayla's home on Christmas eve, he is in the midst of yet another internalized pity party, until he opens his gift. It is Christmas after all, and that means miracles can happen.

  If this little short story doesn't roast your chestnuts, then check their expiration date. This is hottness squared.
Adam is a bisexual, buff, blonde with a sweet vulnerability where Rob and Shayla are concerned. Rob is a dark, domineering, dynamo who loves his wife and wants his best friend. If that's not a recipe for some Christmas candy, then throw in the voluptuous vixen Shayla, who lives to please her man.... at least in the bedroom. She's pretty outspoken everywhere else.  Ms. Walter's has a true gift for combining scorching erotica with deep emotion, and she uses that gift with a master's touch in this story. I just wanted to eat Adam up with a spoon,  not that Rob was any less droolworthy, but a big sweet blonde will get me every time. If you haven't indulged in N.J.Walter's brand of erotica, The Gift of Shayla is the perfect starting place. If you're already a fan then you know what I'm preaching. This lady can flat write her butt off. This would be a terrific story to read by a cozy fire with a significant other while the elements rage outside. It is a guaranteed heart pumper.

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Oh wow...can we say extra yummy? Lucky shayla!