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Twilight Fulfilled–A Tearjerker of an Ending


 Publisher: MIRA/Harlequin Books

 Published: 9/20/2011

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 Rating: Entrée

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 Brigit Poe had spent her life trying to measure up to her twin brother, James. He was the good twin, the one with the power to heal, the one who had eschewed his vampiric heritage, he was also the one to unleash Utana. Utana was the creator of the vampire race, the survivor of the great flood, the immortal favorite of the gods. Now that he has been revived, he is maddened from his millenia of captivity and totally focused on the destruction of all vampires. Now Brigit is called upon by her family to hunt Utana and use her dark power of destruction to send him back to his unceasing torment. No problem.

 I started Twilight Fulfilled with a heavy heart because sadly this is the finale to Maggie Shayne’s phenomenal Wings in the Night  series. I have religiously followed this series since it’s inception almost 20 years ago, and it played a HUGE part in my fascination for all things paranormal. To say she ended the series with a bang would be a massive understatement and would be doing a injustice to this very emotional book.  I could tell from the first few pages that the book was going to be a tearjerker, so warning to all readers…have tissues on hand.

 At first, there was just no way I could find anything likeable about Utana. He was insane, dirty, arrogant, he was killing off my vamps and humans, and …did I mention insane? All I could picture was Osama bin Laden with laser beams shooting from his eyes……ewwwww! Not very heroic at all. In steps my girl, Brigit. Determined to prove herself to her family and friends, she is on a mission to save the world. Unfortunately, Brigit has a heart and starts to empathize a little with her target.  Things get complicated, scenarios are presented, saliva exchanged. You get the picture. Anyway, Brigit finally knocks some sanity into Utana’s now clean and coiffed head.

There comes a point in the story where the two are separated and it looks like Utana has been setting Brigit up, or so claims the family. They try to force Brigit to chose, them or Utana. Brigit gives one of the finest “f@!#* you” speeches ever!! Truly inspiring. DPI (those bastards), of course is behind massive cover ups, conspiracies, and carnage. The Chosen are herded together as pawns, it’s just not looking good for our heroes. (Remember what I said about the tissues) Twilight Fulfilled is an essential read for all true fans of the romance genre. This series was one of the flagships and I still consider it a cornerstone of paranormal fiction. Your library is not complete without this entire series.

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