Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let There Be Brethren– Brethren Beginnings, vol. 1


Publisher: Self
Published: 7/02/2011
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Rating: Salad

 This book contains a sample of the collective stories of Deena Remiel’s wonderful creations, The Brethren, Earthbound angels protecting humanity from evil. In this first volume, we are given the stories of Gabriel Seeker, a Protector angel, Nathaniel, a Warrior and Cassiel, a Savior. These are the three classifications of Brethren, each with a specific purpose and unique role in the ongoing war against evil.

 I wasn’t sure I would be able to get into this book since there is no romantic content at all, but I forgot what a master storyteller Deena is. She had me hooked, in the boat and filleted after the first page. It was actually a terrific little read and I appreciated the background on a few of the characters I had become so fascinated with in her first novel Trinity. It starts off with the creation and purpose of the Brethren. Good to know. Then we get three short stories concerning a different character.

  Gabriel is a being thirsting for challenges. His first two trips to the mortal realm were unfulfilling because of superstition and rampant ignorance. He is very at home in this age of technology and can absolutely rock an Armani suit. If you like suave, sophisticated men who want nothing more than to protect you. Gabriel is your boy.

  Nathaniel, now he’s my kind of angel. Fond of leather and Harleys and passes himself off as a bounty hunter. Only problem is, he likes the hunt a little too much. Nathaniel is on the dark side. MMMMmmmm

  Cassiel is a healer who works as a physician in pediatrics. Awwww.  He’s the wholesome, huggable type, and lives to make sick children laugh.

As you can see, there’s a little something for every taste. I recommend having this on hand for her novels about the Brethren. It helps flesh out the characters beautifully. Even if you aren’t familiar with her work, and want a small taste, this is an excellent place to start. What are you waiting for. Go read this book.


Deena said...

Wendy, thank you so much for this glowing review! It gives me such joy to hear how much my writing pleases you. You are the reason I keep writing!

Unknown said...

Hey babe! I have been meaning to pop over and say Hi and thank you. I have this book but havent gotten to it...I'm buried right now. I wanted to thank you for the books. Im a big Leigh fan but havent had the pleasure of either book. Ive been stuck on her breed series. I love the book thong. I think its my favorite one that I own now. Pop back over when you can and say hi! And Deena if you read this, I cant wait to read your book! Great review WENDY!!!

Sebella Blue said...

Thanks, ladies. Deena you know I adore your work.
Nikki, glad you liked the books and I'll be visiting.