Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Wednesday

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   OK, now that I have your attention, I am going to drop some knowledge on you. Like most people, by Wednesday I am looking forward to the weekend and the brain turns to things less intellectual and more fun. So Wednesdays can be kind of scattered for me.
I’m decompressing from so many books and need to shed some weird random thoughts from my brain.
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  Like this picture. It was stuck in my head and I needed to get it out.  Another thing that chapped my hide this week. Stupid heroines and plots that hinge on the heroine being stupid or not listening. I was reading a book from one of my FAVORITE authors, who I will not name. It was the third book in her series that I absolutely love, and I was digging it and doing my thing when what happens….. the heroine becomes a moron. Why??? I know morons need love and sex, but I do NOT want to read about it.  Maybe that could become a subgenre, you know, Romance for Idiots or some such.
Just so people don’t think I’m being mean, I don’t expect the woman to able to calculate the square root of pi to the 16th decimal place.  I do expect her to listen when someone who saved her butt tells her “ See that guy across the street? He works for the bad guys. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” and the first opportunity she has, what does she do? She goes across the street to make nice with said bad guy. It’s called thinning of the herd and nature culls the herd so the terminally stupid don’t breed. Do NOT mess with Mother Nature.
images (3) Yeah, I know. There is an inordinate amount of eye candy sitting on my brain. Next issue bothering me. Another of my favorite author’s received a less than flattering review of her newest book. Normally this would not bother me and I would judge for myself, because not everyone likes everything. However, the review mentioned a deal breaker for me. Cheating. I can never accept when a hero or heroine cheats, for any reason. That just ruins the entire book for me. Why would you do that to a poor defenseless book? I can’t read it now and that series is ruined for me. This segues into another thought. I have been kicking around a possible meme idea. Reviewing the reviewer. My reviews generally consist of a short blurb/synopsis and then what I did or didn’t like. I don’t do long breakdowns or character analysis because I usually don’t want to read a novella length review. I also try to not be overly nasty or negative. I will say whether or not I liked the book and why, but usually not in a snarky way.  I’ve noticed some reviewers, and thankfully it’s a small number, are just mean. Some are overly concerned with the technical aspects, some just like to shread, and some don’t like specific genres. There are genres I am not overly fond of and guess what? I don’t review them. I am really stuck on this idea and would appreciate thoughts and comments. Well, my brain is almost clean now. Let me go find something else to dirty it up.


Vanesmate said...

I would have to agree with you about the stupid Heroine shit! Some times ya just wanna strangle these idiots!

Steph from said...

Agree on the stupid heroines. When did you get the automatic music. Those scare the bees out of me and then I have to scroll to find them and turn it off. I hear from folks at work that they can get in trouble when they go off since they might be taking a break, and one mom surfs while her baby sleeps. Those may be great but can they go closer to the top or have a remote button somewhere?

Sebella Blue said...

VM - LOL, They generally make my eye twitch and can ruin an otherwise good book.

Steph - Sorry about that. It was an experiment, but feedback put the kibosh on the MP3s. We'll go back to the slideshow of eye candy.

Unknown said...

Hey girlie your man candy..I agree...If I've been asked to review a book and I absolutely hate it..I still try to find something encouraging to post...whether its a character or concept...something! There has to be something you could be positive about...but some people are passionate about certain subjects but usually those guys stick to nonfiction :) ..predictability can turn me off to a book...but Im not big on dumb leads either.