Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love Conquers All Evil: The Soul Catcher, bk 4 by Mary Abshire


Publisher:  Noble Publishing

Published: 8/15/2011

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 Rating: Entrée


 Drake, an 800+ year old vampire, and his demon halfling lover, Jessie have fled to Eagle River, Alaska. They are trying to out run the clutches of VETOV(Vampires for the Ethical Treatment of Other Vampires). Drake, who was once an Enforcer for VETOV has helped Jessie escape and now they both have a bounty on their head. Fortunately, vampires HATE the cold, and Drake has property in the area. So Eagle River should be perfect, right? Before they even get out of the car, they run across a murder scene. Seems Eagle River has a little problem with a serial killer. If that's not enough for our little trouble magnet Jessie, there's a large werewolf population in town and one just happens to be Gabe, a werewolf who kidnapped her while she was in Phoenix. His actions got him thrown out of his pack, and he is looking for revenge. Poor Drake and Jessie, these two just can't catch a break.

  I have been waiting for what seems like forever, for this book to come out. I am obsessed with this series. I flip flop back and forth over whether or not Jessie actually deserves Drake, who in my humble opinion, is the epitome of a studly vampire hero. Jessie, to give credit where credit is due, has matured greatly since the first book. I was ready to set the chit on fire by the end of Catching the Evil Dead. Jessie has since grown on me, and we have declared a truce as long as she is REALLY good to Drake. I can understand some of Jessie's problem, her mother made a deal with the devil, had Jessie and committed suicide when Jessie was 13 years old. That's a rough start for even the toughest heroine. In addition, she is also compelled to consume evil souls to send to hell. This is not what I would call a dream job, and as you can imagine, she's not real popular with the big baddies from the paranormal side of life.

 This is a series, but each book can easily stand alone. I will make you a promise though, if you read one, you will want the rest. It is also written in first person (not my fave), but knowing Jessie's rationale for doing some of the things she does makes it less irritating and cuts down on the eye twitches. The chemistry between Drake and Jessie is in the nuclear range, and Mary Abshire spares no effort in putting that chemistry on the page. They are one atomic duo. We get the chance to visit with some old friends and foes from past novels, and there are some very interesting new characters thrown in the mix that I hope to see more of. The setting for the story is during the Christmas season and there is an early gift included in the ending of this book. That's the only hint I'm giving. This was my favorite of the series to date, although I expect that to change with the next addition. The only thing that could have made this book better was for Mary to answer this question. "Where the heck is Jeremy???"

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