Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Taste Is Not Enough–Dark Taste of Rapture by Gena Showalter


Publisher: Pocket Star Books

Published: 8/23/2011

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Rating: Entrée


  Hector Dean, bad ass of the AIR, has some BIG secrets he’s been keeping from his co-workers. He doesn’t keep them from his friends, well because he doesn’t have any. He has co-workers he’s friendly with, but other than that, un- unh. He’s been getting under Noelle Tremaine’s skin since he was her instructor at AIR boot camp. Noelle is used to being overlooked and thought to be not good enough. Doesn’t bother her at all……really. When she starts getting mixed signals, Noelle decides maybe Hector is worth the work, but he needs to decide once and for all.

   This is my favorite series from Ms. Showalter. I just love the characters she has created in this alternate world, and I loved, loved, LOVED this book. Noelle is one of the best heroines ever created, and I am very hard on heroines. She has the perfect amount of snark, class, and utter viciousness that moves her into a very elite few. She also has a well hidden vulnerability that Hector picks up on. Noelle and her BFF Ava have been two of my faves since their introduction to the series. They live to put people in the hospital……and they’re the good guys.

  Hector was a little harder to get a handle on in the previous books. You knew he was hiding something, but he flew under the radar. His character is fleshed out brilliantly in this book, and just as a personal caveat to the author “ I’m soooo glad you let Hector grow his hair out! Thank you!”. We find out all the horrific details of Hector’s childhood and the secret of why he never touches anyone without his special gloves. We also find out that a lot his co-workers thought he was gay. *Spoiler* He’s not. We also get to read about Ava and McKell’s wedding! I was personally thrilled about this.

  In addition to just touching base with some of my favorite characters of all time, we actually get a really good story to bring them all together. No mention of the nasty Schon queen, but there are some nasty Arcadians running around. This is one of the few successful series that gets better with each book and that is an amazing feat. I can not emphasize enough how deprived you are if you have not indulged in these wonderfully sexy books. This is a book I will have in my home forever and reread hundreds of times. They are treasured members of my household now and I really hope you take the plunge.

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Awesome! I won this book and have been staring at it for a while...glad to know I scored a good read!