Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mark of the Sylph: Demons of Infernum, bk 2 by Rosalie Lario

Mark of the Sylph

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published: 9/06/2011

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Rating: Entrée


 Librarian, Maya Flores, knew demons walked the earth. Not metaphorical demons, but real hell spawn. She could see them. She saw them massacre her family as a young child and she is on a mission to exact vengeance on the demons that prey on innocent humans. Taeg, demon halfling and council cop,  is on a mission of his own. Feeling he has to atone for past mistakes that have endangered  his brother Keegan’s new family, Taeg is searching for a way to destroy the Book of the Dead, a magical tome that in the wrong hands can be used to raise an army of zombies. When he realizes the curvy little librarian can see through his glamour and is immune to his magic, Taeg recognizes a golden opportunity when it’s falls into his lap.

  Just because I ‘m a series slut doesn’t mean I’m easy. I am VERY discerning when it comes to series I will follow without question.  The heroes have to be waaaaay above average, and well, it’s no secret how hard I am on heroines.  There has to be plenty of snark and attitude. The writing and storylines can’t lag or have down spots. It has to sizzle on the page. Book 1, Blood of the Demon, delivered on each element. So of course, I was in an absolute frenzy to see if the streak continued. I can most happily declare that Mark of the Sylph surpassed all my expectations, and they were high. These demon brothers, Keegan, Taeg, Dagan and Ronin are the hottest thing on the page right now, and their stories are on fire.

  Taeg is trying so hard to make up for past mistakes, it is impossible not to want to eat him up. He is a slightly wicked charmer, who despite the best of intentions, sometimes screws up. (Awwww, I just want to grab his cheeks and squeeze) Maya is a superb heroine. She is strong and smart, with enough hutzpah to go against beings she is terrified of, and enough intelligence to know when to back off and let the macho men handle things. She is absolutely perfect for Taeg and he wholeheartedly agrees. I love the fact that there are no martyr complexes or excessive nobility ideals at work here. I also love the fact that the plot doesn’t hinge on the heroine doing something idiotic. Ms. Lario moves her story along the correct and satisfying way, through the talent of damn good storytelling.

  In addition to the fantastic story and loveable characters, these books contain some scorching hot love scenes. These are not intended for the YA crowd. Parts of the ending caught me off guard and now I’m left to wonder what direction future books will take. This is sure to drive me crazy because I am not a fan of anticipation. I want to know NOW!!!! This is a certified “Must Read” series and gets my highest recommendation. I will have the next book on pre-order as soon as it is available.

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I haven't heard of this series either ...I need to pop by here more often! I have a thing for demons.
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