Monday, September 5, 2011

The Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe or Goldilocks for Adults


Publisher: Harlequin Books

Published: 9/20/2011

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Rating: Snack

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 As a princess and the only female child of her doting parents, the King and Queen of Elden, Breena is pampered, spoiled, protected and not prepared for anything besides being wife and mistress to another member of the nobility. So when her parents are killed, her brothers missing and she awakens inexplicably in the middle of a dense forest, she is hardly capable of seeing to her own survival. When she stumbles upon an empty cottage,  she is filthy, her clothes are ripped and almost nonexistent, exhausted, and on the verge of starvation.  So of course she eats their oatmeal, drinks their lemonade, falls and breaks their chair, then passes out in the bed.

  Osborn is a berserker. They were once a fierce tribe of warriors who shared the spirit of the mighty bear to become an invincible fighter. He and his two younger brothers are all that is left of their kind. Hidden in the forest, Osborn is bitter and enraged over the slaughter of his tribe by people they once considered allies. He saw the massacre and the monsters who committed the atrocities. They wore the uniform of the kingdom of Elden.

 This is a great continuation of the series The Royal House of Shadows. A fun, sexy read that has some unexpected humor and pulls us further into the story of the kingdom of Elden. Although pampered and naïve, Breena has a few tricks up her sleeve. She is the daughter of a vampire and a witch after all. She’s also no dummy. She knows Osborn is her key to survival and sticks like a burr. She also helps his two younger brothers along the way. Osborn, though big and fierce, is no match for her feminine wiles, no matter how hard he tries. Believe me he tries. He wants no part of her or her pleas to aid her in her fight to return, especially when he learns where she wants to return to. Eeeeks!

 I enjoyed this book immensely and it made me very impatient for the rest of the series. It is also a smoking hot stand alone. Whew, Osborn and Breena are freaks. She is not very wordly be she sure does have a vivid dreamlife. Osborn carries a bear spirit, so you know he’s got a bit of animalistic passion hidden amongst the grumpiness. Do not miss this series. It definitely puts an adult spin on some classic fairytales.

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Sweet! Sounds GREAT! Larissa Ione put out a book of adult fairy tales just came out but I haven't read it yet!