Friday, September 2, 2011

My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel–A Gem of a “New 2 Me” Series


Publisher:  Hatchette Book Group

Published: 5/31/2011

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Rating: Entrée


  Paisley Nichols had every reason to be content. Her fledgling bakery was doing well, she was finally starting to see a profit and the good looking blonde guy who came in for coffee every morning was showing some interest in her. When he asks her to go out and innocently touches her wrist, Paisley is overcome with pain and fire flashes through her body leaving a blister. Rasmus Kessler is more than just a gorgeous man, he is a mage who needs Paisley's latent powers, and also wants to use her to get to her land lord, Iskander. Iskander is a demon who hunts Rasmus and his ilk, the mages and witches who enslave demons and indwell humans.
Paisley is about to enter a world that few would believe exist and even fewer can survive. Iskander is determined that Paisley will be one of the few.

  This author and series were completely unknown to me when I requested to review this book. To be perfectly honest, I liked the cover and the blurb. Yay, me!!! What an OUTSTANDING find! I was blown away by the story, the characters, the writing, the humor, the too hot sex, and just the entire package. Iskander is my soul mate. He's a property owner, financially solvent, all tatted up, gorgeous, watches Shaun of the Dead, drinks, tokes demon hash in the hot tub, a freak in the bedroom, lives for pastries, and (did I mention ?) GORGEOUS. How is he not perfect?  Paisley is a fitting heroine as well. When all the weird magic stuff starts going down, she thinks she's literally losing her mind. Pretty normal belief, but when Iskander tells her the 100% truth of the matter, does she freak? Um, no. She puts on her big girl panties and rolls with the punches, discovers she has some pretty amazing abilities herself, then fights the good fight. Annnnd she does this while continuing to make delicious baked goods.

  This is book four of the series but I had no problems following and loving the book. I wasn't even half way through the book before I was ordering the first three in the series. Even though Rasmus is the big baddie in the story, I still found him to be a sympathetic character. (sue me, I have a thing for blondes) I would love to see him redeemed somehow. There are lots of single supernaturals meandering through the story that could be up for the challenge. This group of warriors and assassins are wicked, fun, unique and memorable.  You better believe I am all over this series now. and I strongly recommend you follow suit. This is a definite "Must Read".


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You share my love of blonds;) I haven't tried this series yet...need to take a look!