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About A Dragon: Dragon Kin, #2 by G.A. Aiken or “The Cure for Chronic PMS”

  Publisher: Zebra Publishing

  Published: 12/01/2008

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  Rating: Entrée and dessert   


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

 Scary teddyScary teddyScary teddyScary teddy

Briec the Mighty just about had the market cornered on sheer unadulterated arrogance. Even for a royal dragon, he was considered arrogant, and that was saying something. Everything was beneath him and utterly boring, except the beautiful human he found in a small village. She refused to acknowledge his greatness and that intrigued him. Coming back for a second look at the human, Briec discovers his prize about to be hanged for a witch. Well he’s not about to let the human die until he’s convinced her of his greatness and he’s bored with her, so he shifts into from his human form and steals the woman away. Talaith is the Chosen one for the goddess Arzhela, and she is known for her sharp tongue and vicious temper.  She didn’t didn’t ask for this nasty dragon to save her and she has no intention of staying with him for one moment longer than it takes for her to get away.

  This is where the series really matures into a blockbusting megastar. A full length meaty novel full of humor, snark, raunchy sex and a passionate love story sprinkled with death, dismemberment, torture, and capricious gods who view their loyal followers as pawns in their immortal power struggle. Got your attention yet? G.A. Aiken's dragons, are without a doubt the most self important, conceited bunch a beings you will ever encounter. They are also among the funniest and most entertaining. And lest I forget, the downright sexiest. It's not just their egos that are supersized.....*snort* Briec is a silver dragon (yum), who doesn't have a lot of use for anyone, especially humans. (unless he's feeling a tad hungry, then they're very tasty) He's blunt to the point of rudeness, and sees no point on wasting time on civilized niceties. This is why Talaith is such a perfect heroine for Briec.

 Talaith has had a very rough life, and so she compensates by being as mean as she can. Not in a cruel way, and not to people who don't bring it on themselves, but to cross her is to take your very life into your hands. Of the three books I have read so far in the series, I think this is my favorite. The humor is outstanding, the sex is some of the best on the written page, the story is highly inventive and unique, and the characters will stay with you forever. If you like books that you can easily put down and walk away from....this is not for you. If you're looking for a book that pulls you in so much that you want to live there, then definitely you should read this. Though at times, graphically brutal and violent (like our world isn't), it is still fascinating to the point of obsession.

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