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What A Dragon Should Know: Dragon Kin, #3 by G.A. Aiken or “Oh, no! Not the Tip!”

Publisher: Zebra Publishing

Published: 9/01/2009

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Rating: Entrée


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

Scary teddyScary teddyScary teddyScary teddy

None of his dragon kin took Gwenvael the Handsome seriously. Mainly because when he wasn’t staring at his reflection, he was off whoring around. He was way too preoccupied with his own pleasure to watch what he said to others or consider their feelings, which was why he was in his current predicament. After a thoughtless remark about her rapidly increasing girth due to carrying dragon twins, Gwenvael has caused the already temperamental Annwyl the Bloody to go on a hormonal crying jag, much to the displeasure of his older brother Fearghus the Destroyer. Sent to the frigid, barbaric Northland to act as emissary for Annwyl kingdom (and to keep him away from Fearghus), he is to negotiate an alliance with the Beast, a terrible, and fearsome being of untold cruelty and power. The Beast turns out to be a plain, tiny and bespectacled human female that cause Gwenvael to fall on the ground laughing in her face and in front of all her kinsmen.  Needless to say, the alliance is not looking to promising.

 Gwenvael the Handsome is a straight up HOOT!! He thinks the whole world should faint at his feet after a look at his spectacular countenance, and in the case of most females, he is right to feel this way. They swarm Gwenvael like Tweens at a Justin Beiber concert. When the Beast (Lady Dagmar) seems at the very least indifferent (if not downright hostile).....well, that's a challenge our egotistical hero just can't ignore. He has no pride in getting what he wants, and after his stunning looks, his skill at manipulation is his greatest asset. The only girl amongst a flock of  burly brothers and a warlord father, Dagmar has consider skills in manipulation herself. She's had to develop a thick skin in order to not be completely overlooked and overwhelmed. She is more than a match for Gwenvael, and just as kinky in her own right.

 To me this was by far the darkest book of the series, and I actually lost track of the main characters in some of the story. This is also the meatiest and longest book of the series, but in no ways is it inferior. There are some MONUMENTAL occurrences going on in this book, and this is NOT the place to start if you are new to the series. You could, but you would miss the impact what is going on. Things are happening in the world that will change life as the dragons know it. No spoilers, but I will tell you this, you will need a HUGE box of Kleenex for this book. Paradoxically, this is also the cutest book of the series. I am guessing it was to balance the darkness, because if there hadn't been as much cuteness, I might have jumped off a building.

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