Saturday, October 1, 2011

Enticement by Madelynne Ellis


Publisher: Samhain Publishing


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Rating: Dessert



Evie thought she and Ross had a fairly typical relationship. Things were moving along swimmingly. They had just moved in together. The sex was still hot, frequent and exciting. She could see this leading to marriage and babies. Intending to surprise Ross with a quickie in the shower, Evie is stunned to walk in on a very wet, naked and gorgeous man who is NOT Ross. Six years ago, Kit had walked away from Ross and everything that mattered to him without a word to anyone. Under a cloud of suspicion, Kit has returned to his old stomping grounds and his best friend Ross. He wants to pick up where things left off. Ross has buried his feelings for Kit and is deeply in love and lust with Evie, but buried secrets have a way of finding their way to the surface.

Ross has been keeping some pretty big secrets from Evie.....and vice versa. They both have some serious kink hiding in their repertoire. Madelynne Ellis covers the menage perspective from top to bottom (pun intended) in Enticement. Not only is the reader included intimately in all the fun stuff, but they are also given hard looks into the more somber aspect as well, such as the issues of jealousy, equality and respecting each other's personal boundaries. This are all very real and important issues that must be dealt with as soon as they arise, if the relationship has any chance of survival. Kit had a nasty habit at bolting when situations became too intense or uncomfortable. While this might work short term, in the long run....
not so much.  

Underneath all the sex, and that is a big pile, some relevant topics are also broached, like nasty rumors, small minded gossips, prejudice and just the pettiness of people in general. You might think the idea of people hiding in the trees to spy on their neighbors is a bit of literary excess. Nope, it's not. These things happen, even in this progressive time. Sad, but true. I don't know if Ms. Ellis intended her erotic romance to be a commentary on small town life, but I read it as one. On a happier note, there is a kitten in the book.  Cat face I think that if you enjoy menage stories at all, this should definitely be on your list. It takes a very graphic and hard look at the lifestyle without losing any of the innate sexiness.

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