Saturday, October 1, 2011

Want to review a book or two ??


I’m looking for a helper with the 90 bazillion books I have to review. Here are the guidelines.

You must be over 18 years old, have access to Word and be punctual.

You should not be Amish because Amish do not use computers or read erotic romance.  I am not prejudiced against the Amish I just wish to accommodate their limitations.

You should not be a fundamentalist anything because I am very irreverent and fundamentalist are scary.

You should be literate, eloquent, and have a good sense of snark and be able to take criticism because hey it’s what we do.

You must do this for free, but there will be perks. The biggest is that you get to deal frequently with me and I’m wonderful.

I deal mainly with PNR for adult’s but if you like contemporary, or historical or some other genre…..even the occasional YA (shudder) I can deal with that.

I would need at minimum (2)  three to five hundred word  ORIGINAL (and by this, I mean not something copied from Goodreads or Amazon) reviews a month, more if you’re so inclined.

You would get free books. Most are e-books, but if you’re not a total ditz and spaz out on me, we’ll work up to the primo prints. You can also submit your own stuff.  I’m not picky (well, yeah I am)

If you’re an author (established or aspiring) and want to pimp your stuff ….well that’s not really fair now is it. I’m all about the balance.

Let’s talk. If you’re serious contact me at

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Arianne said...

Aww, I'd love to... But I don't wanna disappoint u if I miss a deadline. I am a college student after all, with lots of classes to deal with...