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Giveaway of Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: 10/31/2011

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Rating:  Chef Salad


Flaming heartFlaming heart

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Andrea Lockhart went from being an award winning journalist for the Chicago Tribune to hunting werewolves for a tabloid in Podunk, South Carolina. If that wasn’t ego deflating enough, she runs into her one time college crush turned arch nemesis while she is hanging upside down after being caught in a snare trap. Determined to keep the upper hand this time, Andrea doesn’t acknowledge the fact that she remembers Sean Hunter, and he sure doesn’t seem to connect the sophisticated, together professional woman with the chubby introvert he used to torment in college. Sean Hunter is the first to admit he was a bastard in college, but he had his own issues he was working through. He is fascinated by the changes in Andrea and makes no secret of the fact that he wants to renew old friendships. If only that pesky werewolf would quit showing up, he might be able to work his own brand of magic.

Well, this turned into a very traumatic and heartbreaking book for me. Ugh! My chest still hurts, but I cant' tell you why without giving spoilers. Just remember I live with wolves everyday and they are very near and dear to my heart. The fact that Ms. Campbell can pull that much emotion from a reader is a true testament of her skill as a writer, and while extremely painful for me, it bodes well for the rest of her audience who may not share my overdeveloped empathy for wild animals. Overall, this was a very entertaining story and had a relatively cheerful tone. Yes, it was about a scary creature stalking the unwary citizens of a small rural South Carolina town, but it wasn’t overly dark. It was mostly a fun book with laudable, interesting characters. It captured my interest from the very first and held it until the very end.

What I found most striking about Cry Wolf was that it was the talent of the author that made it such a excellent book, and not the graphic content. Some books hold readers attention merely by shock factor, like a car wreck. Cry Wolf was not graphically explicit in either the sexual content or the gore factor, yet I was totally enthralled. The heroine, Andrea, exceeded my requirements in all areas. (something that almost never happens) Her character really impressed me to no end. I had not one "eye twitch" moment with Andrea, in fact most of the time I was actively cheering her on.  The snark quotient in the dialogue was more than gracious and the hero was more than smexy.  Would it have hurt my feelings to have added a bit more smut to the story? Nooo, but then I'm a perv like that. It still didn't take away from the story which still contained a very strong romantic thread.  I am completely confident of my recommendation of this book and know with 100% certainty that fans of a good story will enjoy this.



Angela Campbell is offering a digital copy of her book, Cry Wolf to one lucky person. Just leave a comment on this post (make sure you include your e-mail addy) telling  if a book has ever made you cry.


Arianne said...

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks made me cry like a baby. And so did the movie... *sigh* amazing :)
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Audra said...


Barbara said...

Oh, gosh yes...books make me cry all the time! Way to many to list here. Most of the times it's just a passage in the book...a sentence or paragraph...that just struck a chord in me and I'm grabbing kleenex! Happy or sad...doesn't matter...I leak.

Anne said...

I can not remember an actual book that made me cry, but I'm fairly positive one has. I don't read "weepers", but I'm sure a character in a series has gotten killed off and I've cried. I read a mystery by Charlaine Harris and a character died and I was STUNNED, didn't love the character, but I could not believe she killed that person.