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According to Plan by Madison J. Edwards

According to Plan
Publisher: Sapphire Nights Books

Published: 7/24/2011

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Rating: Dessert


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

Scary teddyScary teddy

Shelby and Tank met at a beach party and it was instantaneous lust. After some heavy pursuit and persuasion on Tank’s part, the two became a couple and eventually bought a house and started a small PI business together. Then one day Tank just up and left and Shelby had pretty decent evidence that he hadn’t left because of her cooking. If it looked like a bimbo and acted like a bimbo, then chances were it was a bimbo. Tank still showed up occasionally looking for a bootie call and this time Shelby was determined to disconnect that particular phone. When Tank starts interfering her her current missing person’s case, things start to get dicey and the facts just aren’t adding up.  Tank acts like he wants to repair their relationship, but he’s hiding something and unless he comes clean, then Shelby’s just not buying.

As much as I loved Tank, had I been Shelby, I would have beat that man with a cast iron skillet if he had dared show up at my doorstep.  Granted as it turns out, Tank had a perfectly sound and honorable reason to skip out the way he did ( at least according to a male mind), but Shelby wasn't aware of those reasons. Shelby was waaaaaay more tolerant and waaaaay less violent than I would have been. To give credit where credit was due, he did keep her confused with an over abundance of orgasms, the man was relentless. He also had Shelby's BFF, Polly working in his favor. We all know that I measure the worth of a good book on balance and fairness, and let me just say, Tank gets his payback in a most unpleasant and traumatic way. By the end of the book, I even felt sorry for his secretive butt. According to Plan was a good romantic suspense filled with a LOT of very hot sex. It was worth the time and will definitely warm you up on those chilly autumn nights.

Make sure you check out my interview with Tank in the post below. That is one sexy dude.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for reviewing According to Plan - an unexpected bonus on my part.
I appreciate that you would have clunked Tank over the head - most of us would, but Shelby loved the man dammit, and he confused the hell out of her.