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Tank from According to Plan Interview

I am just so tickled to have Tank here today. It’s not everyday I get such an alpha hero to personally visit the blog, so I am indeed honored. I’d also like to thank Madison Edwards, the gracious author of According to Plan, for allowing me to speak with Tank, and getting to know the man behind the hero.

Welcome Tank or do you prefer Jake, or Mr. Steele?
 I prefer Tank.

Thank you for dropping by, although I must say, I’m surprised Shelby let you out of her sight after the time you two have had recently. Is she keeping you on a short leash now?
You’ve got that backwards. I keep her on a short leash. I’m not taking any chances with that girl. I thought I’d lost her once, I’m not going through that again.

So, you met Shelby a while back at a beach party. First impression?
Man, where do I start? First impression will always be rockin’ bod, pert ass……ah, you know the rest. First time I talked to her, I’m surprised I didn’t drool. One look in those baby blues, and I was done like dinner. But I knew this girl was the one I had to marry when I asked for her phone number, and she gave me the local animal shelter’s number. That told me she had a cool head, and didn’t fool around.

   Awwwww! Love at first sight………*sigh*

How is the relationship with you and Caleb now? Just a thought, maybe you should introduce him to Polly.
At first I was supremely pissed off Caleb hadn’t given me a heads up about Shelby, but he was doing his job. He’d been in my unit when we were Special Forces, and I know I’d have kicked his ass all over the state if he’d given up a protected person, so we’re cool.
Funny you should say that about him and Polly. They met at the wedding, and I don’t know *shrugs*, Caleb’s a dark horse. Polly liked the looks of him so we’ll see.

Speaking of Polly, you really are indebted to her. Do you think you would have gotten back together with Shelby without her help? I mean she was always Team Tank, even during Shelby’s darkest days.
Polly is the best woman friend I’ve got. Hell, she’s the only woman friend I’ve got. If she hadn’t been on my side, I don’t think Shelby and I would have been a couple. At least not without a fight. Polly’s got lots of sway with Shelby. Those two are as thick as thieves. If she hadn’t dropped clues on my head like cement bricks, I may never have headed out to Walker Lake, and I don’t even want to think what could’ve happened if I didn’t *shudder* Shelby’s alive because of Polly, and I will forever be indebted to her.

What are you doing when you’re not chasing down the bad guys? What’s the average Tank day?
(scratching head) Pretty tame since I stopped doing undercover work. When I’m not active, I check in with the field office and get paperwork out of the way. If I can dodge that bullet I will. *wolfish grin* I’m not above bribing our secretary to make my paper madness go away. She loves Boston Cream donuts even more than Polly. But I have to confess, I’ve been hanging around the house with Shelby for a ”couple” of reasons.

I know you’re an excellent cook, but the big question is……… who kills the spiders?
   I HATE spiders! Creepy crawly, legs everywhere…….hey, don’t tell Shelby. She’ll never let me live it down if she knew.

My lips are sealed, and I completely understand……ewww!
What are the plans for the business now? Are you back full time?
Yep, back full time, but I don’t plan on going deep undercover anymore --- Shelby’d kill me.

We know Shelby has a “T” tattoo. Did you reciprocate?
Right here (rolling up his sleeve) I can’t have anything too personal, because in my business it’s not good to have too many identifiers. This is close enough to a barb wire tattoo that it doesn’t stand out as unique.

(Getting really up close and personal with Tank’s bicep) Ooooh, that’s gorgeous!! And unless you look really closely it looks like an ordinary barb wire tat……but that looks a rose and the thorns form the barbs, oh that’s sneaky and creative. Niiiiiiice! (gives a good squeeze for luck) *ahem* I hope you have a permit for those guns…

And finally, where would you like to be in five years?
I’m working on opening my own security company. I’d like Dango and Cowboy to work with me, Grizzle has a nephew who’s a computer nerd’s wet dream , and I‘d bring him on board. Through the contacts I’ve made this could be a good thing. I’d like to be my own boss.

Thanks again, Ms. Edwards and especially you Tank for sharing and stopping by. Please don’t be strangers and tell everyone “hello” for me.
You bet. Polly has been calling and e-mailing nonstop since she knew I was coming here. If I didn’t give her a shout out, she’ll never let me live it down.  Even Rodie knew about this, I’m not gonna ask how, but he knows everything. So – Yo Polly. You owe me a beer, and Rodie, meet me at the usual place, usual time, I’ve got a few things to go over. Don’t go all Big and Bossy on me. Just be there. 


                Flames  ****Rapid Fires****   Flames

1. Cheerleaders or Bad Girls?   Both – why choose?

2. Morning or Night?   Night

3. Beer or Whiskey?   Beer

4. Football or Baseball?   Football

5. Beach or Mountains?   Beach – met Shelby at a keg party on the beach

6. City or Country?   Country

7. Cat or Dog?   Dog

8. T or A?   A, followed by T, followed by A, followed by….

9. Honky Tonk or Jazz Club?   Honky Tonk

And finally the MOST important question I ever ask anyone……….

DukeDuke  or carolina ?

Virginia Cavaliers  UVA
Can’t dis the Wahoos! Go ACC!!


 About Madison – The Prairie dust is in my blood, but no longer on my shoes.
Madison grew up around ranchers and farmers and always assumed she’d become a farmer’s wife, raise the requisite four boys, and make sure there was always enough pie at the community social functions. Imagine her surprise when she found herself married to an Air Force pilot, moving around the country every two years on the government’s ticket and her family of four boys was decreased by two.

With hubby deployed all over the world, Madison quickly became father and mother and soon discovered with two active, thriving, can find trouble anywhere boys, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Ask her sons. Don’t mess with Mama.

Her sons are grown with families of their own and Madison finally pursued her dream, which was to put fingers to keyboard and write a book. On January 25, 2011 that dream was realized with the sale of According to Plan.

Madison resides in London, Ontario with her husband and two very spoiled Scottish Fold cats. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Ontario, Toronto Romance Writers and Passionate Ink.

To find out more about Madison and her book, follow the links below.

Author Website

Author Blog

Facebook Fan Page


According to Plan - Official Site


Unknown said...

OMG - I love Tank. When I wrote this story he started out as a secondary character. (collective gasp) I know - what was I thinking. By the time the story was complete, he'd informed me in no uncertain terms Shelby was his, and what's his face (Liam) could hit the highway.
In fact he was so adamant, Liam didn't even get a cameo in the book.

Thanks for hosting Tank.

Some Things Are Meant to be Naughty

Sebella Blue said...

LOL! I loved Tank too! And he gave a fun interview. Shelby and Tank were obviously meant to be. Now if you can just do something with Polly......

Kallypso Masters said...

Nice to meet you, Tank! Looking forward to seeing more of you soon.

Nice video, too, Madison!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Kally. Sending hugs.