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Interview with Love Potions Author Michelle McCleod

Michelle McCleod
Ok, so before I do an author interview, I always do a little research, so hopefully I don’t commit some huge faux pas and look like a rube. I was really intrigued by what I found out about this interesting lady. She is a unique person to say the least. Let’s give a warm welcome to author, Michelle McCleod.

Can you tell us a few things we should know about you?
I have fetishes for: shoes, good caramel, chocolate and tea. If there’s music, I will dance, even if I’m the only one, I’m a good cook, but I tend to set things on fire. My husband calls it “dinner and a show.”

When you’re not writing or thinking about writing, what are you doing?
Being mommy, wife, and gluten-free cook. I also do a mean hip-thrust in Zumba.

I can’t begin to imagine how handy that talent would be.

I am always pro-hero (waaaay pro-hero) and I adored Aidan in the story. Which do you prefer to write, heroes or heroines?
For me what makes a good character is the dialogue and the situations I can put them in. It’s who has the best lines and the most predicament that motivates me.
Aidan was a lot of fun to write. he is full of good intentions, but iffy on execution. I enjoyed throwing obstacles in his way. His heroics were more emotional than action based, which is a little different.

Marion was a more psychological character. I had to draw her out of her shell and prompt her to fix past hurts. Then I broke her heart. She probably hated me for awhile.

I liked the whimsy in your story, I thought it broke up some of the darker undertones rather nicely. Is that how you see the world? Or how you’d like the world to be?
Frankly I have no idea where the whimsy comes from, although I enjoy it. I am an avowed “Cheerful Pessimist” and Eeyore is my mascot. So I am not known for my whimsy. However, it manifests strongly in my writing and I go with it, always curious to see what it will do next.


I know you like myself have had some real life close encounters of the non-living kind. How much does this influence your writing?
I love science, but lacking faith, it can be self-righteously myopic. The paranormal makes me think of possibilities, which sparks my imagination. Feeling the hair raise on the back of my neck definitely feeds me as an artist. (Note to spirits: That is not an open invitation, okay? I’m good. Especially after that last time. No, really. Thank you though.)
What do you do to prepare yourself to start a new project?
I think a lot about the story and the characters. There’s also a lot of procrastinating involved, which I hide by calling it “research”. The fun part of writing is coming up with the idea and then spending too much time on Twitter, not actually writing the story.

On the practical side, during active writing phases, I set word count goals and make sure I have time to write.

What are you willing to spill about future books?
In the works are 2 novels in the Urban fantasy genre and a contemporary erotic novella – those are all done, but still being edited.

Readers have asked for more on Raven and the Queen from Love Potions, so we shall see. I have a loosely plotted story with Raven doing a supernatural version of The Hangover. I just don’t know when I’ll get to it.

My next release will probably be Crime Bites, which is an Urban Fantasy about a psychic FBI agent and the vampires out for her blood.

You can check out the cover on my blog along with an excerpt. ( I did)

Crime Bites Cover

Beyond that, I have a non-fiction project titled 40% Psychic , 60% Wrong: A Memoir of the Paranormal in my Life which I hope to write in the style of Mary Roach’s work. Right now I’m reading parapsychology textbooks and emailing academics, pestering them for information.

Time is the writer’s enemy though. So many stories, so much time to waste on Twitter.

You wake up in the morning and find out you’ve won the lottery and you never have to worry about money again a day in your life. What’s the first thing you do?
See a financial planner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading and writing fantasy, you should never squander the magic in your life.

               Flames****Rapid Fires**** Flames

1. Beer or Champagne?  Champagne

2. Day or Night?   Night with a full moon

3. Beach or Mountains?   Beach

4. Stilettos or Sneakers?   Stilettos to start, then sneakers when my feet hurt. (Tip: Best shoe shopping ever? Slovakia, Italian leather at Eastern European prices. O.M.G.)

5. Cat or Dog?   Dog! I have two.

6. Three things you’d take to a deserted island?   Chocolate, caramel and a good Zumba play list on an ipad with working internet.

7. Three people (alive or dead, real or fictional) that you’d like to have over for dinner?   Moliere, Cleopatra and Buddha. That would be an interesting dinner party, no?

And finally the MOST important question I ever ask anyone……

 DUKE or carolinaDuke! Who is carolina? Never heard of  ‘em. 

Awwww, My new favorite author!

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