Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick by Artemis Hunt

Publisher: Self

Published: 9/26/2011

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Rating: Dessert

Flaming heartFlaming heart

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Abigail Watson was nobody’s idea of beautiful or even cute. She didn’t have a sparkling personality and she had absolutely horrible taste in friends. The best thing in her life were the memories of a 14 year old Jake Carradoc coming to her 8th birthday party. She fell in love with the boy, the world fell in love with the man. Jake is now an A-list mega movie star worth millions and a new gorgeous babe on his arm every other week. So far out of Abby’s scientific and dreary world, but she can dream. Or maybe take a chance at making it a reality, when bitten by an infected monkey in the lab where she works, Abby winds up with the ability to jump bodies. She can literally inhabit the body of anyone she makes eye contact with. Unfortunately the side effects can be deadly, but a chance at Jake Carradoc might be worth the risk.

Abby gets to live what I'm sure millions of people dream about. She gets the ability to inhabit another persons body. All those nasty, mean people who make your life miserable just for kicks and giggles. Well Abby can turn them into binge eating nymphomaniacs, or Mother Theresa-like philanthropists. Think of the possibilities....... Oh, the fun you could have. And Abby does get to have her fun. Artemis Hunt delved into the psyche of every insecure teenage girl and extracted their fantasies. Not only does she wind up living with her celeb crush, but he LIKES her. At least he likes the her he gets to see. He doesn't really know Abby does he? And Abby begins to turn into one of those nasty people she railed against. Oh, not with the snotty attitude but in her willingness to disregard other's feelings and needs to achieve what she wants. For all it's hilarity, the book touches on some deep moral issues. There is a romance of sorts woven throughout the story, but it's more a story of growth and discovering a sense of self and worth. This is more than just a light funny read (although it has more than it's share of LOL moments) it is a look at an insecure, doormat of a woman who discovers what she can and can not live with. Kudos on a job well done.  


Sophia Rose said...

Hmmm, the fact that this book touches a light note and a deep thought provoking note at the same time makes it sound pretty special.
And the snitch a body thing sound hysterical.

Thanks for the review.

Sebella Blue said...

Sophia, it WAS special! How awesome would that power be? You could solve all the world's problems and feel up Hugh Jackman.