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Interview with Artemis Hunt–Author of The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick

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A warm holiday welcome to Artemis Hunt and many thanks for sharing her time and very humorous book with us.

Can you tell us three things we should know about Artemis Hunt?

1. I’m definitely female, last time I checked!
2. I love funny stories.
3. I want to be a full time writer.

Did you resemble any part of Abigail while you were in high school?
No, ha ha! I was fairly popular. I was the outstanding student in my school, and also tops in extra-curricular activities. I was Editor of the school mag, and Vice-president of the swimming team. I was extremely popular.

Body snatching is a great premise. How did this idea germinate?
It’s something I always wished I had! The ability to be anyone I choose!

Who was your high school celeb crush?
Gosh, that was a long time ago. Hmmm, Keanu Reeves. (jeez, no wonder Jake kept ringing my bells)

What is a typical writing day for you?
I have a full time job, so I have to squeeze in writing during my lunch break, down time, and at home. But I write very fast.

Have you run across a character that refused to do as you envisioned?
All the time! Ha ha. They have their own minds. And if I wanted them to do as I wish, my beta reader will head me off! (“That’s not how Abby would behave!”) 

Whose body would you REALLY like to inhabit?
I’m quite comfortable in my own, but I wouldn’t mind being Angelina Jolie for awhile!

What’s next on your writing horizon?
As Artemis Hunt, I’m writing The Seven Keys, a YA psychological mystery that is meant for agent query. I have two other pen names, one of them is a bestselling erotica author on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand and 1 Place for Romance! So I will have to constantly churn out erotica shorts and novellas.

             Flames**** Rapid Fires ****  Flames

1. Favorite movie that you would die if someone knew you liked?
Oooooo, … Showgirls.

2. Favorite sappy love song?
Celine Dion’s Because of You.

3. Perfect getaway?
A tropical spa!

4. Most pressing item on your bucket list?
Be a successful writer in both platforms – traditional and indie.

5. Three things you would take to a desert island?
My laptop, an internet connection, my Blackberry

6. Three people (alive or dead, real or fictional) that you would like to have over for dinner?

J K Rowling                 Stephen King                       Suzanne Collins



And the MOST important question I ever ask anyone…..

DUKE or carolina?

And the crowd goes wild!! YAY!

Artemis Hunt has a husband who thinks all fiction is nonsense and all writers of fiction should have their heads checked for situational delusions. At any one time, they have 16 - 20 dogs, many of suspicious virtue. 

Artemis frequently wishes she had telekinesis, so she doesn't have to lift a finger to change the room temperature. She's constantly glued to her computer, which serves as her gateway to friends, books, movies, TV serials and sometimes husband, even though they're sitting on the same bed two feet apart.

Artemis writes under the name A R Hunt for the adult thriller and suspense genre.

For more information on Artemis Hunt and her books, click on the links below.

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