Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Demon’s Slave by Danielle D Smith


Publisher: Rebel Rose, LLC

Published: Coming Soon

Rating: Dessert


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Skryker is a blond, tatted, Harley riding, Camel smoking, whiskey drinking demon halfling who also happens to be head over heels, worships the ground she walks on, in love with a Nephilim. Rose returns Skryker’s love but her Angel heritage has placed restraints on returning Skryker’s devotion. She is often filled with divine guilt over her love for the demon, and Skryker is well aware that deep in her heart, Rose feels he is less than worthy, as much as she may say otherwise.  As a gift for his thirtieth birthday, Rose is going to offer Skryker her complete submission in an effort to erase the pain she so inadvertently inflicts on his heart.

If you have not become part of the Skryker fan club, you will miss out on the deeper subtext of this book. It will read as an extremely well written, graphically hard core story about a paranormal three day BDSM encounter. That in itself is enough for some readers, but without the backstory, the reader misses the sheer brilliance and enormity of Rose's gift to Skryker. I have long been a critic of Rose for shortselling my boy, Skryker. For all his tough exterior, he is a squishy teddy bear at heart, and when he is hurt, it is deep and profound. For those of you who have followed my reviews for any length of time, you know I am NOT a fan of female submissiveness as a rule. Nor am I, as a rule, a fan of hard core BDSM. You know what they say about rules, the proof is in the exception...... and Demon's Slave is the exception. Even though I understood why Rose felt the way she did, I still resented her on behalf of Skryker. His devotion was unswerving and eternal, but it was also eating away at his soul. I couldn't fathom a way to balance the scales. (and I sooo am about balance) That is why I am not an author. This perfect remedy would never have occurred to me, and I would have just lingered in literary angst.

Skryker is well aware that Rose is physically stronger, that she is descended from divine blessings and he can never attain her status. He is descended from the depths of Hell, flotsum for the Host to spurn and torment. By allowing Skryker to exorcise his "demons" and giving him complete and utter mastery over her person, she is in essence showing Skryker his true worth in her eyes. This book is a VERY graphic portrayal of BDSM. It is sometimes hard to take, it is also one of the most beautiful and emotional books you will ever read.

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