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My MOST Anticipated book of the Year–We Shall Rise: Misfits of the Lore, #2 by J.E. Hopkins

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Published: 10/26/2011

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Rating:  7 course dinner


Flaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heartFlaming heart

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Kaden was a pureblood Italian vampire whose hobbies included being an ass and being a gorgeous ass. Granted a great deal of it was hereditary, his father had beaten, imprisoned and generally made his youth an unbearable Hell, until Kaden snapped and killed the bastard. Unfortunately some lessons learned in childhood take a long time to unlearn. Kaden believed he was to blame for his mother’s abuse and unhappiness from the years married to his father, he believed he was doomed to hurt those he cared about and was in essence just as evil as the man he killed. When he meets his mate Reysa, he longs to be worthy of her for she is everything he has ever dreamed of, but he knows he can never be worthy and sets about proving the self-fulfilling prophesy.   

Reysa was a hybrid vampire and owner of the Vegas club, the Lore. A haven for misfits, who like herself had been scorned by the purebloods. Now, a war was brewing, the lesser breeds were ready to throw off the shackles of pureblood oppression. Noble ideals, absolutely, but some were going about it in a truly evil fashion. Experiments on pureblood children, and magic infused drugs were killing of the innocent, and this had to be stopped. Not only were her friends and family being taken and killed, but now she had to deal with a moody vampire that she wanted with all her being, but who was determined to destroy what they could have together.  

In my dreams, if I had the talent to write a book, it would be exactly like this. The characters, the dialogue, the emotion, the sizzling hotness, everything is exactly how I would make it. It's kind of eerie. I can not, for the life of me understand why this author does not command the best seller lists. It is a complete a total mystery to me.  There is even a quote in this book made by Reysa about wimpy romance heroines!! How perfect is that?!? The dialogue is realistic, snarky and stuff that would actually come out of someone's mouth. The emotions are real and heartfelt, sometimes jarring or poignant to the point of tears, but always, always believable. There are no shiny perfect characters in this series. They all have flaws, hidden scars, deep seated insecurities, and a need for acceptance and love. It's all presented in a compelling, brilliantly written story that changes and evolves with these fascinating characters.

From Diamonde, the towering drag queen warlock with her mutant chihuahuas to the studly lycan/vampire hybrid, Christian with his golden surfer boy looks, all the characters are detailed and compelling. One of my favorites is Kaden's aunt Corinne, who distracts a horde of zombies by flashing her boobs. I looove Corinne. (although she did a really dumb thing) There are so many endless things about this book to obsess over, it's really hard to express how impressed I am by this series. The love story of Kaden and Reysa may not have been smooth, but it was HOT. One element of this book I have no problems expressing my approval of are the erotic love scenes. Kaden has the gift of fire, literally, but where he really smokes is in the bedroom, or the shower, or the closet, get the picture. Notice there has been no criticism of the heroine, well that's because Reysa takes no crap! In fact she likes to go ABW at times. (Angry Black Woman) I cracked up. I kept picturing a Madea moment.

Receiving this book was like an early Christmas present for me and I will not rest until this marvelous series gets the respect, adulation, and recognition it so richly deserves. Talent like this should never be unheralded and books like this should be on every romance lover's bookshelves. Hopefully if enough of us raise our voices we won't have so long to wait for Julian's book. That boy has got himself in a mess for sure.  

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