Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Damian’s Oracle: War of Gods, book#1 by Lizzy Ford


Publisher: Smashwords/self

Published: 1/01/2011

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Rating:  Salad




Sofia Fast had a strange illness that mimicked vampirism. It’s symptoms started manifesting soon after her 24th birthday and have gotten progressively worse. Now she is having visions of deaths that will occur in the future and is convinced she is losing her mind. That is until she is pulled into the midst of a war between beings she didn’t even know existed. Damian is the White God and king of the Guardians, protectors of humanity. They are at war with the Black King who longs for nothing more than the total destruction of mankind. Sofia is a integral part in this battle and whoever controls Sofia controls the outcome.

This was a great fantasy novel with a minute romantic thread. It is well written and very entertaining with LOTS of drama and action. However if you are waiting for the love scenes, don't. There are none. This is not a "Romance" novel, it is a fantasy novel. It's an excellent story, but not a romance. It centers around a couple who fall in love and are mated, but that is sooo far down on the list of occurences that are explored in detail as to be very secondary. I think this is probably a very good thing for the story, because if it had been taken to a more graphic level with the way that Damian treated Sofia..... well I'm just glad that didn't happen. Damian was a God and a king, so he is entitled to a certain amount of leeway with the whole arrogance/dominant thing. BUT when the being that may save your entire world is kind enough to lend her assistance, you might think about not being quite so.....hmmm, how to put this....difficult, abrasive, manipulative, smug, secretive. Half of Sofia's problems were because nobody would explain anything to her. It would have saved a lot of drama and probably lives if she was simply told what was happening. Putting that issue aside though, Damian's Oracle was a gripping tale of good versus evil. There were a few light moments and I absolutely adored Sofia's bodyguard Pierre, now he is some serious romance material. I am also quite curious as to how Damian's brother will fare in future books, he has quite a struggle ahead. There was definitely a great deal to recommend about this book, and I do encourage you to give it a try, I think you'll see what I'm talking about. Just go into it knowing what to expect and I promise you an excellent read with an addicting story.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review "Damian's Oracle!"

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