Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dirty Little Secret #14

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This Weeks Questions -

"Only three days (3 sleeps!) to go until Christmas, what are you hoping to find in your stocking this year? "

My Answer: Well I’m a greedy somebody, and I have worked my proverbial tail off this year, and in the grand scheme of things I’ve been pretty good (meaning I haven’t shot or stabbed anybody this year……yet). Soooo, I believe I’m entitled to some top shelf loot this year. here’s my top three.

1) These KICK ASS boots -  PG_501414977_TH 

2) This cute little ruby and diamond necklace


3) And whoever this fine butt belongs to -



Unknown said...

lmao!!! That is a fine piece of ass. *growls* Hope you get what you want for being such a good girl ;)

Unknown said...

Yum. That's a nice butt. LOL. I think that by your standards I've been pretty good, too. (I haven’t shot or stabbed anybody this year either. LMAO). Let's see what Christmas bring us. ;P

Proserpine said...

Totally in love with the boots and the butt! GRRR! :)

MeikkiBeibi said...

LOL! I'd bite that. ;D Ahem, I mean... nice boots. :)

Come see my Thursday too! :D And Merry Christmas! It's so close I can feel it. :)

Ning said...

Wow that's an awesome butt. And Those boots... Sigh Love. Is it sad that I love the boots more than the butt? Well it's because I've been a good girl about not spending too much money on boots this year.

AngelaCarr said...

#1 & #3 pls!!!! *clapping hands*
LOL great choices.

Vanesmate said...

Those boots are bangin'! And that tushie is scrumptious!! OMG....Drollworthy indeed! Thanks for sharing!! I will dream sweet dreams tonite!!

Merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

Thats some nice pair of shoes! I´m also a real sucker for shoes! =)
That ass can absolutely make it´s way into my stocking aswell =)

Happy Holidays to you too!

Unknown said...

Love the boots! And yes, that's a nice piece of ass too lol!