Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Deadly Whisper: The Watcher’s, #1 by Stacey Kennedy


Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Published: 7/30/2010

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Rating: Entrée




Paxtyn was pretty happy with her current life. A good job, a nice place to live with her best friend Tate, the only bump in her road was the fact that she kept watching people die. Since as far back as she could remember, Paxtyn got visions of people’s deaths, and not the peaceful natural kind. The scenes she witnessed were violent and terrifying. She assumed she was just a little south of the sane equator and dealt with it by hiding her secret like a leprechaun's pot of gold. When the gorgeous guy who’s been following her tells her he knows her secret and she isn’t alone or completely human, well she does what anyone would do, she freaks. Knox has been alone, except for the few living at the compound, for a very long time. As an immortal Seeker, his mate will be a Watcher counterpart. When he is told his Watcher has been located, he is filled with hope and happiness. But Paxtyn seems to hold him in great disdain so he pulls back. How can his destined soul mate not want him?

I am a great lover of snark and Stacey Kennedy is most definitely a master of the art of snarkiness. Paxtyn had a mouth on her that wouldn't stop and generally had me doing the fist pump throughout the whole book. Poor Knox, he was from a different era, so snark from a woman was a relatively new concept for him. *snort* Had him doubting his super hunkiness, bless his heart. And Tate, Paxtyn's BFF, yeah, I might have to stalk him a little bit. He was just perfect, easy going but fierce and protective. Mmmmmm. I loved the relationship between Tate and Paxtyn, it definitely added something special to the story. There is just so much about this book to recommend it I want to make sure I don't miss anything. So let's see, snark? check, great heroine? check, abundance of male sexitude? check, really dark and bloody story? ummmm double check, and lest I forget, sizzling hot romance? in spades, baby. It's all there, on every page.

With the amount of books I read, I have to be able to read them rather quickly, but there are some books, where that would just be a sacrilege. A Deadly Whisper falls into that category. I took my time with this book, let the words and story marinate inside my head for a minute or two and then leisurely savored the complex flavors. I wanted time to really get to know the characters and figure out why they did what they did. I really would've like to have seen at least an additional hundred pages to this book, because I think it deserved that kind of detail. *sigh* But I'll take what I can get, I must however insist on Tate's book being longer, maybe a few pictures.......Oh, I know! A centerfold! That would be perfect.

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