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Kiss and Tell Tour Stop and Guest Post with Author Stacey Kennedy

I’m always giddy when I see a new Stacey Kennedy book because I know it’s going to make me smile and laugh. So it is with great pleasure that I turn the blog over to Stacey today and to hopefully spread some of her wit to my readers.

Big hugs to Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears for joining in on the tour. Anyone who has read my work know that I love a mix of humor, sex and action in my books. Even though I enjoy a fast paced adventure when the hero and heroine face life threatening moments, and also a lot of the steamy stuff, I simply can not write a story that doesn’t have humor in it too.

Why? Because for me, it just adds a sense of real life. What’s a journey if you can’t have a laugh every now and again? I’ve never set out to write a funny book, but the characters always end up doing funny things and saying things that make me laugh.

I’ve always found, even when reading, that the characters are easier for me to love if they have a good sense of humor. I like when they don’t take themselves too seriously and when no matter what they are facing, they enjoy themselves. It makes the tense moments a little easier to deal with or get over. And I find it makes the characters more relatable.

Even if I tried to write serious characters, I’m pretty sure  they would still come out in some way to be amusing. Happiness is a great emotion and I’m lucky that my characters continue to make me laugh out loud when I’m writing them.  

So tell me, do you love when you find some humor mixed in with mystery and adventure in a paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel? Or do you like your fantasy simply dark and your characters serious?

Will destiny be enough to break her free of a lifetime of secrets?

Knox the seeker, has waited 200 years for his watcher and now he’s found her. Paxtyn, however, is unwilling to join him. The more he tries to prove himself to her, the more she pushes him away.  
Paxtyn has spent a lifetime keeping her secret hidden from the world, but now, she must confront the deadly visions head on. When a string of murders brings her into New Orleans, she must come to terms with her personal demons and use her gift to communicate with the spirits to discover who has ended their lives.

*Warning: Explicit sex between a sassy Watcher and a sexy Seeker, and a ceremony that will certainly raise eyebrows!*

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    There was nothing odd about the woman in her late twenties. her look was exactly what you'd expect in downtown Cincinnati – chic. She wore clothing that looked more like something off the runways in New York than from around here – her high stilettos were fantastically matched with her cute rose cocktail dress. The black lace shawl wrapped around her shoulders indicated it was chilly , but being that it was June, Paxtyn knew it was more for show than anything else.
    And she could appreciate the look. But at the same time, she wished the woman had decided on different footwear. Then, those fantastic heels wouldn’t be about to go to waste.
    Paxtyn’s hands closed around the chair as she prepared herself for what she was about to see. Her visions of the past always came the same.
   She knew what the outcome would be and it wouldn’t be a good one.
   Normally, watching the moment a life was lost was hard for her, but tonight, it was more than that, it was gut-wrenching. The woman looked so much like her – athletic. Even her shoulder length curly hair was the same, except where hers was jet black; Paxtyn’s was strawberry blonde. But the one thing the woman didn’t have was Paxtyn’s turquoise eyes.     
   How many times had she heard “You have the most beautiful eyes.”?
   The line had run it’s course and she was sick to death of hearing it. The woman stopped at the curb, digging into last season’s Gucci handbag and pulled out a cell phone as the street light beamed down. A smile grazed her face as she apparently received a text of interest. She raised her head, looking quickly, waiting for a moment to cross. When the cars cleared, she stepped off the curb, not bothering to look up as she continued to dawdle on her cell phone.
   Paxtyn wanted to stand up from her chair, yell to this woman to stop, bang on the window for her not to move, but it was pointless. There was nothing she could do for her.
   Within three steps, the life of this woman was forever changed.
   A loud screech of the car’s tires, then a terrified scream, then the woman was about to discover those Christian Louboutin heels were going to be the only thing left of her.
   She really didn’t have a chance. The car was going too fast for her to survive.
   The moment the wheels locked, the woman’s ghost stood next to her broken body, shocked, scared and confused. The man who’d hit her jumped out of the car and , when he saw her body, smiled gloriously.
   Paxtyn shuddered. Who smiled at such a thing?
   Dying wasn’t how everyone thought it was. There wasn’t a flash of golden light with the soul drifting off to heaven. Most times, the spirit stayed, lingered. Couldn’t comprehend what had happened to them. Paxtyn had witnesses moments of the past just like this a thousand times over.
   “Earth to Pax” Tate said loudly, snapping his fingers, completely unaware of the horror Paxtyn had just seen.
   She glanced away from the window, but before she met his gaze, she did what she always did, found the smile to hide it all, “Sorry.” She laughed, but even to her it sounded shaky. The name was Paxtyn really, but Tate opted for the shorter form and she never minded.
   “If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were a nut,” Tate said.
   She laughed in agreement. He was right, if he did know her better, he’d believe such a thing. But he probably knew her best out of anyone. Brought together at a welcoming party in their early days at the University of Cincinnati, they’d immediately hit it off.
     A guy like Tate wasn’t to be passed over, and she hadn’t hesitated to try to snatch him up. It wasn’t his all-star bod, or his captivating baby blues, even those luscious lips that presently smiled at her that first caught her eye. It was his kind heart and loyalty. He was about as damn solid a guy as she’d ever meet.
   They’d gone a round of it once after a blasted drunken night at a sorority shindig, but the next day, they’d woke up in bed, naked, and laughed.  That was the end of anything romantic between them.
   But what they had was better. Stronger. She could count on Tate for just about anything and there was no one else in the world who loved her more. Now, their relationship had blossomed into something found between a brother and sister. That was Tate, her protector.
   Who just happened to give her ear a flick. “Fuck, girl! Maybe you shouldn’t drink anymore.”
  “I’m fine,” she said, grimacing from the throb of her earlobe, and shot him a look. It usually didn’t take this long to snap out of her horror moments.
   She took a big gulp to drink away the sight of what she’d witnessed and kept drinking until the buzz settled in. Wasn’t ever a gift to see such horrible things, but one she saw often. Mom and Pa, back in Wyoming, had spent thousands on her as a child on testing and treatments to find out what was wrong with her. Why, as a child, she’d say that she was watching people die. She still couldn’t imagine what was going through their heads, knowing their child had this disability. But by the time she reached twelve, she realized it was best to keep her mouth shut. It ended the doctor appointments and saved her from being medicated or institutionalized. 
   Now, it was just something she lived with – suffered through. So, she put on her normal face and glanced around the pub. The crowd tonight was loud, as was the band blasting out the soft rock beats.
   The O’Bryon’s Irish Pub had been their life while they’d bunkered down at University, and she guessed it had stuck with them, because they came here every Friday night. Of course, it had only been two years since they completed their degrees so they really hadn’t had much time to grow and move on.
   Tate, with his BS in Criminal Justice, had found a job right out of college with the Cincinnati Police Department. Paxtyn had majored in business. Basically, because she liked the idea of being locked in an office where she could stare at blank walls and not have to look out windows or be anywhere she might have a vision.
   When she’d seen the ad for Financial Specialist at the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, she’d jumped on it and, with some luck, she’d actually gotten it. Now, she spent her days glued to a computer, lost in numbers. As much as the job got to her, became a total bore, she couldn’t really complain – it paid well. Tate worked three times as hard as she did and his pay was nowhere in the numbers as hers.
   “Looks like you have an admirer,” Tate said, drawing her back from her thoughts.
   Paxtyn followed his gaze to see that she was in fact being watched, and the moment she met the man’s gaze, she was locked in.
   He sat off to the far side of the bar with a glass of brandy in front of him. He was older than the others in the pub, but it didn’t make him look out of place – it made him look distinguished. He wore a black dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves with the front unbuttoned showing a bit of smooth chest. His finger slowly rimmed the edge of the glass as his gaze was glued to hers.  And those eyes were mesmerizing. Grey with a dark-steeled edge to them. But that seemed to be his thing.
   He was all edge – hard and extreme. His features were made up of straight lines, including his squared jaw, high predominant cheekbones, perfectly shaped lips and even his mocha hair was buzzed with a hard look.
   Tate knocked Paxtyn’s arm a good one. “Drool much.”
   “Over him?” She nodded toward the hunk. “Doubt it.”
   “Sure you weren’t.”  

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 Stacey Kennedy ‘s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories, you’ll find fast paced action, life-threatening moments and a big bad villain that needs to be destroyed. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller lists. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little one’s, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband.
For more information on Stacey or her books, click on the links listed below:

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Tamara Hoffa said...

I love humor mixed into the story!

Sebella Blue said...

Humor is a "Must Have" for a perfect book. I have read a few books that were completely dark and serious and they usually make me want to go play in traffic. Ugh! A book has to give the reader a way to break the tension every once in awhile.

Unknown said...

While I like my fantasy books dark & mysterious, if the characters don't ever do or say something funny, the tension build-up can get uncomfortable.

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Vanessa N. said...

This story sounds good. I love humor in my stories, it makes them more fun to read. Thanks for the chance.

Mary Preston said...

Throw some humor into the mix & you've got it all then. I love a book that takes me every which way with my emotions.


Stacey said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Sorry I didn't respond before but I've had the flu. I love that so many of you like humor as much as I do! ;-)