Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Guardian by Sherrilyn Kenyon or Yay! SK got her mojo back!!!!

Publisher: St. Martin’s

Published: 11/01/2011

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Rating: Entrée




Seth was denied by his father, the Egyptian god Set, and left in the desert by his mother to die. Found and taken in, his new family sold him for a paltry amount to the demon Noir, who for millennia has had Seth tortured to the point of death. Broken in spirit and in constant pain from his horrific injuries, Seth is offered a reprieve. All he has to do is find and hand over the key to Olympus.

Lydia has no idea why Solin has been taken to Noir’s realm of Azmodea, but she does know she won’t leave him there. She is horrified by the condition in which she finds Solin, and even more horrified by the being responsible for his condition. Surely this Hellspawn is the most terrifying creature the Gods could ever envision. It’s even more terrifying when Solin is given three days to produce the key or The Guardian of Azmodea has promised to kill Lydia.

When Sherrilyn Kenyon is at the top of her game, she is untouchable, and The Guardian is Sherrilyn at her finest. There is NO WAY you will be able to put this book down once you start reading, so just be prepared...... (and have some tissues on stand by). Next to Acheron, Seth is probably the most tragic figure I have ever come across. Betrayed at every turn, he can't even fathom a moment when he is not in pain. Heartbreaking! Ugh, he just killed me. I wish there was a depiction of Seth so you could see him as I do. That's my only complaint with SK's books, the covers. I know the author has no control over covers, so to the publisher. I need a visual of some sort......pleeeeeease.

As tragic as Seth was, I was extremely pleased with his heroine, Lydia. A Dream Hunter and Jackal hybrid, she was the perfect mixture of warrior, smart-ass, and temptress. She also brought a lightness to the story that could have been too dark and tragic if not for a little snark and humor in the appropriate places. The split between the factions on Olympus is briefly touched on and my favorite demi-god/dark hunter Zarek makes an appearance, but most of the story takes place in Azmodea, although there was a brief stop at Sanctuary. (mmmmmm, Sanctuary).
The Egyptian pantheon is brought more into the mix and we get a bit more history of the Malachai and Nick Gautier's role in Noir's little plot to take over the world. All in all, I couldn't have been more pleased with a book. It's like she had a wish list for me personally, and she checked off on every item. If you're a follower of this series, this is not a book you can put off until later. A lot happens and fates have turned. This is absolutely a DO NOT MISS.


Sophia Rose said...

I haven't read any of this series, but I cannot help but be intrigued by such a tortured hero.

Thanks for the post!

loves to dive said...

I've been reading this series since the beginning and have to admit I was getting bored. I didn't read Nick's story, just wasn't interested and actually have the book before this one sitting around to be read, just can't bring myself to read it. Your review gives me hope and maybe now I'll be able to get back to one of my favorite authors.

Vanesmate said...

I completly agree! I LOVED The Guardian! SK most definitely got her mojo back....actually she never lost it IMO! Great Review!

Elena said...

I'm in dying need of a visual of Seth as well *smirks* Lydia is one lucky chick!

Oh My Word! This series had a handful of moments with it's ups and downs. But This book was by far the best Dream Hunter Book! =D

Ning said...

Aaahhh!! I need to get back into this series. I stopped at Acheron hahaha