Thursday, December 15, 2011

Her Dark Knight by Sharon Cullen

Publisher: Carina Press

Published: November 28, 2011

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Rating: Entrée


Madelaine Alexander desperately needed her new job and the money it paid. That’s the only reason she found herself standing in line outside of Christien Chevalier’s Milwaukee nightclub in shoes intended to permanently maim the wearer. Her boss insisted these contracts had to be signed tonight and Mr. Chevalier would be expecting her. Huh, not according to the huge disbelieving doorman. Christien Chevalier couldn’t belive his eyes when he first spotted Laine in his club. She was the spitting image of his lost love who had passed……. in the Fourteenth century. Christien was once a Templar knight charged with hiding the order’s greatest and most dangerous treasure. Prepared and more than eager to meet death after his task is fulfilled, Christien is denied the solace of eternal rest. His duty is to last throughout time as he is given the yoke of immortality and charged with protecting the treasure throughout eternity.

Whew! This was a dark, intense book. It just about wore me completely out. I just felt so bad for Christien, he broke my heart. In the beginning he comes across as kind of cold and hard, but if he hadn't developed that shell, he would have broken centuries ago. And bless his heart, it just keeps piling on, this poor soul just can't catch a break. Madelaine hasn't had the easiest time of it either, and to top it off, she's working for the enemy. Unknowingly of course. It was a beautiful story and well worth the read, but it is not a light "happy, happy, joy, joy" book. There are some brief tender and passionate respites from the drama, enjoy those, because the drama and uncertainty continue until the very last sentence. There are also some more spirited passionate moments that I don't have to tell you to enjoy. It is all blended into a very compelling story that will work your emotions to tatters.

The Knights Templar were always an intriguing subject for me because of the treachery and bloody history surrounding them. That rich tradition is well carried out in Her Dark Knight. The myths and hints of the divinely supernatural surrounding these warriors of old still hold fast and firm, lending itself quite well as literary fodder for authors and readers alike. Although I would like to see just a tad more lightness to her future works, I think Ms. Cullen has proven her veracity as a writer and has definitely earned a job well done.

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Proserpine said...

Jezz that guy have something.... like muscles! Nice review, the blurb really got me but now that I saw your review... I love happy things! Well I'll put it on my TBR pile anyway just for the cover I think that worth the reading :)