Monday, December 26, 2011

Sexiest Vampire Alive: Love at Stake, #11 by Kerrelyn Sparks

Publisher: Avon

Published: 9/27/2011

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Rating: Entrée




Thanks to YouTube and a video showing the decapitation of the Malcontent leader, the secret existence of vampires is no longer quite so secret.  Hoping to form an alliance with the U S government, Gregori Holstein is sent to convince the President and his advisors to convince the public the video is fake. Gregori is the epitome of what a young vamp should be, urbane, well educated, suave, gorgeous and totally bottle fed. Gregori has fed exclusively on synthetic blood since his turning and is the perfect example of the harmlessness of vampires to humans. Daughter to the President, Abby Tucker is a researcher dedicated to finding a cure for her mother’s Lupus. If the vampires can assist Abby in retrieving some necessary but forbidden plants in China the alliance will proceed. Gregori’s fascination with the first daughter could throw a monkey wrench into the whole plan. A vampire son-in-law is not good for approval ratings.

I wondered where the series would go after the last battle with the Malcontents and I see Kerrelyn Spark's creativity has served her well, yet again. Not only is the vampiric world in danger of a massive public outing but a new villainous threat has emerged. Muah hahaha! And from the darkest interior of China no less. This had a slightly darker tone than Ms. Spark’s previous books, at least in my humble opinion. Oh, it was still lighthearted in the beginning but once the story developed it became obvious that this new villainous threat was not to be taken lightly. I had looked forward to Gregori's story from the very first book and it was everything I had hoped for. He really got to shine and shake off the rookie playboy image. Oh, he was still his dashing self, but with a maturity that had been missing. Abby was a little intolerant for a researcher, or maybe too much of a researcher. She  had dedicated her life to finding a cure for her mother's illness with a focus that left her with tunnel vision. While her intent was laudable, her willingness to use Gregori ticked me off a tad. Off course Gregori's prime objective was in direct contrast to winning his true love. He couldn't let her know that vampire blood was curative, the whole race would have been drained dry. But secrets have a way of being exposed and blowing up in everyone's face.

This book has re-energized this delightfully sexy and fun series and I am glad it looks like it will continue for quite a bit. The new shifter characters and Abby's sister certainly present some interesting threads. Of course it's always lovely to see what's happening with Roman and his brood, plus the Mackay's security force. There is no shortage of things to enjoy with these vamps and their cohorts, mates and the villains trying to upset their happy apple carts. Once again Ms. Sparks, job well done.

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